Where the Hell Is the Outrage?
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From the first breaths of life to the last, our lives are being stolen out from under us. From infant care and early education to Social Security and Medicare, the dominant economic ideology is demanding more lifelong sacrifices from the vulnerable to appease the gods of wealth.

Middle-class wages are stagnant. Uemployment is stalled at record levels. College education is leading to debt servitude and job insecurity. Millions of unemployed Americans have essentially been abandoned by their government.  Poverty is soaring. Bankers break the law with impunity, are bailed out, and go on breaking the law, richer than they were before.

And yet, bizarrely, the only Americans who seem to be seething with anger are the beneficiaries of this economic injustice – the wealthiest and most privileged among us.  But those who are suffering seem strangely passive.

As long as they stay that way, there will be no movement to repair these injustices. And the more these injustices are allowed to persist, the harder it will be to end them.

Where the hell is the outrage? And how can we start some?


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Where the Hell Is the Outrage?

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no one cares
July 09, 2013
No one cares,,,, they are all wrapped up in their own little world,,, or one of the ones with their hand in the free cookie jar,,,

Just a fact,,,, People of today... donot care if the government banks or oil companies or the supreme court breaks laws,,,

they do not care that this country is being taken over from the inside,,,,

as long as they get they cell phone, free groc,,, free health care,,, etc,,,, wel fare,,,, etc... and some are happy with their current lift and do not pay any attention to what the hell is going on,,, therefore,,, when they do IT WILL BE TO LATE.. and it a peers IT IS TOO LATE....

Start taking way the freebies,,,, then the 51 percent will cry for sure,,, just a fact,,,,
Robby Dane
July 09, 2013
I totally agree. I fear for the future of my kids and this great nation. I would love to run for congress because we need people who understand what life is like in the "real world" running our govt. and trying to build our future. This article is right. Govt. does not follow our wishes anymore nor do they answer to anyone for their actions. We the people need to put a stop to the madness in our govt.
who cares
July 09, 2013
Great intentions there Robby,,, but the fact of the matter is this,,,


and that is a


they do not care that the government has aided and abetted 11.5 million illegals in this country... at best there is a hell of a lot more than that,,,

they do not care the their privacy has been violated,,,

they do not care that their right to vote has been changed,,,

They do not care that the IRS has control of your health care,,,


the list is so long I would be here all night,,,

but the fact is this,,, MOST DO NOT CARE,,,, and now it is TOO LATE,,,,, and that is the SADDEST FACT OF ALL,,,,