What to do with a deep hole
by Calvin_Monasco
 I refuse to put my family on the street.
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When a hole gets to deep fill it up, don't keep digging it deeper as if you are The Gilmer Boating and Fishing Club or a CorUpshur County Elected Official. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU KNOW WHAT I did with it? 

I took all my money to the bank bought three rolls of nickels so it wouldn't rot like paper money put them in an empty peel bottle climb down to the bottom and buried it so the IRS can't collect it on my back taxes. I think I should used pennies and a coffee can. The price of copper is skyrocketing and I can't afford oil. That's why the walls are gutted in all the vacant houses around here. People want the wiring! I'd go back and exchange it for pennies but I'm scared. I barely made out of danged old hole alive the first time. By the way the republicans are giving Obama a bad rap about oil prices. He cant help it if all the oil barrens are republicans and they control the house. It's our fault prices are high at the pump because we don't get out there and vote when we need to or for who we need to vote for. Vote for Obama and vote out any republican you can. Let's get the house back and regain control of our country. After all we are the 99% and the United States is suppose to be democracy. So shouldn't it be run the majority. Vote right and just like the President of Mexico said someday we can have a great nation like his and all our fine citizens can have health care. Who came up the name Grand Old Party anyway sounds like something a bunch of arrogant selfish hateful racist bigots would call themselves because think they are better than us. Speaking of parties  all the elected officials in CorUpshur County are what I call biparty. They don't what party they go to as long as they get elected. And if we try to party they through us in jail. Did you know Lauren Parish has been arrested for possession of cocaine and when I was in jail nobody could bond out because the Judge who sets bail in Upshur County was jailed himself in another County on a DUI charge. Don't let these crooks judge us. Vote them out. Elect Mickey Mouse or even me if you have to.

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May 24, 2012
So where is the news article and news station announcements of Lauren Parish being arrested for cocaine. I would really like to see this. Why did you not provide a link in your article?