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By Dave “Travelin” Davlin

Professionial Speaker

July 29, 2013


In recent days, we have learned of the sudden, tragic death of radio personality and legend, David “Kidd” Kraddick. His syndicated morning talk show, “Kidd Kraddick In The Morning” was heard and loved by millions across one hundred US cities. The unscripted dialogue and off-the-wall antics of Kidd and fellow cast members brought a ray of sunshine to many listeners just starting their day.


So just why was this iconic figure so loved by the numerous listeners and fans? And what can we who are left behind learn from his life and legacy? Is it something so unattainable that we dare not attempt to grasp it? Or is it something so simple that it is easily overlooked? Maybe, just maybe we are all born with certain qualities that can only be kept … by those who refuse to grow up.


“Kidd” Kraddick lived life with the enthusiasm and energy of a child. His spirit was infectious and the sound of his laughter coming across the airwaves could change the state of anyone within earshot. If during the morning rush hour of the Dallas/Fort Worth area you ever saw a single driver laughing uncontrollably, chances are they were listening to Kidd. It was as though you were having a conversation with a friend on the way to work.


“Kidd” loved making people laugh and he had the courage to create that laughter with skits and conversations too risky for most adults. He said and did things that most of us would have only attempted as children and his “coolness” meter was practically non-existent. He always thought of the listener first, even it at the expense of his own personal dignity. He lived life the way most of us wish we could and always dreamed we would.


He downplayed his celebrity status, which is refreshing in the egotistical world of entertainment, and used his platform to create memories for children and families with chronic illnesses. He chose to see the best in others and his name will appear in the testimony of thousands due to his unselfish acts.


At the end of our lives, all of us will be remembered in some way. But the greatest impact we will ever have is the impact we have on people. In the end, it is not about the things we have … it is only about the lives we touch.


Thanks for touching us, Kidd. And thank you for never growing up.


Dave “Travelin” Davlin is a professional speaker who resides in San Antonio, Texas. He is a former halftime performer for NBA teams and in 1990 set a Guinness World record for simultaneously spinning twelve basketballs on his body at the same time. He now speaks to organizations nationwide on the subjects of life skills, personal and organizational excellence, innovation and creative problem-solving. Dave can be contacted by email at dave@experiencedave.com.




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Professional Speaker

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Kidd Kraddick Deathbed Confessions

Recorded on a Monday of the week he passed. I do NOT own any rights to 106.1 or Kidd Kraddick In The Morning. This video is for informative purposes only. - EJMonsivais

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Rhonda You
August 03, 2013
I must say that was the most moving contribute to Kidd Kraddick who loved like a best friend every morning myself. Thank you for your comments and may Kidd survive within our hearts for many years to come.
Rhonda You
August 03, 2013
I meant tribute, pardon the grammar error!