WAR Comes to DC
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WAR Comes to DC

(WASHINGTON, DC, January 28, 2014) — The leaders of WAR and its members staged a protest rally today on the steps of the DC Superior Court in support of Dennis Sobin, a registered sex offender in DC who posted online pictures of the government employees who do the same to him.

In a total victory for WAR, Dennis Sobin, and free speech, Judge Todd E. Edelman ruled that distributing and posting online pictures of court employees by registered sex offenders forced to interact with them is a form of political speech protected under the Constitution.

“The judge’s opinion will be used as ammunition around the country,” said Sobin. “I’m very happy the judge understood and abided by the U.S. Constitution that gives citizens the right to protest a policy that is abusive and un-American,” he said.

“There is no evidence that these public registries do anything to protect children,” said Vicki Henry, president of WAR. “Yet millions of innocent family members of registrants must suffer the real consequences of punitive and humiliating registration requirements.”

The suit was brought by Stephanie Gray, an employee of CSOSA (Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency), the independent federal agency that maintains the sex offender registry in the District, who is one of the people featured on Mr. Sobin’s website (www.idiotsregistry.info).

“I feel as sorry for Stephanie Gray as I do for anyone who suffers unfair and degrading information plastered about them all over the Internet,” said Henry. “This case exposes the lie that public registration is somehow not punishment, but is only a small illustration of how devastating these consequences can be for returning citizens.”

“At least Ms. Gray can still get a job,” Henry said.

Women Against Registry is the voice of the millions of innocent women and children being wrongly and unfairly punished because they have a family member who has been convicted of a sexual offense.

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Shelly Stow
January 31, 2014
I oppose public registries because they work against rehabilitation and public safety. I nevertheless applaud Mr. Sobin's action in this instance because of the publicity it has brought to the issue. For twenty years now the voices of advocates, of experts, and of governmental and university studies have been drowned out by the voice of the politician using this issue for political advantage, by the ring of the cash registrar for those who benefit financially, and there are many, and, in many cases, by the voice of the media seeking the most sensational approach to an issue. I have in recent times seen a shift in the later, and Mr. Sobin's unique approach is aiding in that. For that I thank him.
Brenda Bean
January 31, 2014
I applaud Mr. Sobin's actions in this instance. The answer to helping anyone IS NOT to cause them further punishment and hardship but to help educate and rehabilite them into productive people. The government is taking this away from many people. Plus the "shame list" is harming families. Many children do not get the chance to say "goodbye" to their parent/parents before they are incarcerated and the parent doesn't know where their children are being placed and with whom they are being placed. This is truly heartbreaking to the parents. One young father had custody of his children due to the mother walking out on them and being a drug abuser. The father was falsely accused by the mother's older child from another marriage and the children was placed in the care of the mother causing them to be in the middle of drug action all the time. The Child Protection Service will not as much as look into the case. Because the father's name is on the "shame list". This is where American people need to really step it up for the children. It ould be your children or grandchildren the next time.