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Have you wondered why there are no new homes being built in our city, or why

houses are not selling, or why if they do sell, it is for below appraised value?

The main reason for this is the unbelievable number of mobile homes already

in the city, and mobile homes continually being moved in, all over the city.

There are over 100 mobile homes in this small city, which is two square miles.

Rental properties make up the majority of these mobile homes being placed

in our town. Our city council is in place to represent the whole city, which it

seems they have not. There are no long range plans for this city, to protect

the property values, of ALL the citizens. We need a council who will take action

to preserve our small city, making it a desirable place to live, and not penalize

those who have or want a nice home. It is time we have those kind of council

members, who will start looking out for all its citizens, and not just the mobile

home landlords. It's time, citizens of Ore City, to step up and take an interest in

your town. We need a clean sweep.


John & Judy Markham

Ore City

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July 08, 2013
Lack of employment opportunities and lack luster test scores from local schools are the reason for Ore City's decline in property values. Family and friends are one of the few reasons to live in Ore City and people buy what the economy will allow them to afford. Not everyone can afford to build a new home in these uncertain economic times. Many small towns just like Ore City are being vacated. The property values in a ghost town would be even lower. You are fortunate that Ore City folks feel a strong tie to their roots and choose to raise their families there even if it is in a mobile home. There are plenty of mobile homes on the market now that are worth more than the majority of the existing structures in Ore City.
May 11, 2013
Your comment has great facts behind it. Its a shame that people have let this go this far. Most people are just looking at the present not the future. Its not just an OC problem its a county problem. There is no commerce and that being said the county as a whole will suffer. Yes we need people that are concerned about the future of OC. The main problem is self-gratification. The people that we need are Leaders that have the best interest of the county in mind. Also Leaders in OC that are not out to make themselves look good. We need people in OC that WANT OC to grow. Mobile homes have their place but in town is not it. IMO

Please let you'er own interest subside and think of the future of OUR children. Not for what WE can gain right.

What i call this is the "Microwave Society"

Please lets put off our own desires and think of the future of OC and the county. Well that's my nickles worth, i kinda past the 2 cents.....lol