Vatican Bank Must Be Closed Forever
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 I was born in 1963 and within days of my birth, I was baptized Roman Catholic. I still attend Mass regularly; but I also attend a wide variety of other denominations: Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican, Nazarene, Quaker, Church of Christ, Mennonite, even LDS (or Mormon) services.   I have also prayed inside two Jewish Synagogues.   The one thing that I most look for {aside from worshiping Almighty God, in the same manner regardless of where I am praying} is that the Spiritual cleric--- whether be it a protestant minister, Jewish rabbi, or Catholic priest --- have an authentic devotion to God and a genuine dedication of serving the flock he (or she) is ministering to.  I frown upon any corrupt clergy who abuse others or who deceive or cheat others.
  I recently read news reports that an arrested Vatican prelate is now facing new money laundering charges.  Monsignor Nunzio Scarano and two other people were served with warrants, suspected of money laundering in an attempted plot to smuggle 20 million euros from Switzerland into Italy and launder it through the Vatican Bank.  Allegedly, these were "false donations" from offshore persons and companies who had no credibility and the eventual transactions were dubious in nature.   According to news reports, keypads on ATM-machines inside the Vatican Bank are written in Latin; and they are accessible to priests through a "private entrance".  The Vatican Bank has been the center of controversy for many, many decades.   To his credit, Pope Francis sacked nearly all the Cardinals associated with overseeing the operations of the Vatican Bank.  That was a good first step. However, in my view, the Vatican Bank is beyond redemption. Furthermore, churchgoers worldwide give their tithes and offerings in cash or via cheques or money-orders issued by known and disclosed banking institutions.  The Vatican should not have a veil over funds by having its own bank.  Fiscal transparency is essential, and consequently the Vatican should use conventional banks with standard accounting-practices that can be subject to routine audit and verified for legality as well as accuracy.   It is high time that the Vatican Bank be closed, forever, in order for the Church to cleanse itself and regain a good reputation amongst church-goers.
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Gail Fay
January 26, 2014
All religions are a farce. They all want your money. Religion instills fear. True spirituality needs no gods, no worship, no prayer. Just be a good human being. Spirituality is on the inside, it is felt in your heart. Religions are cults and have a dark history of mass murder and wars. Sure. Ban the Vatican Bank but religion is the source of much evil.

HMRD Cesidio Tallini
January 26, 2014
Yes, all religions are cults.

I should know, since I wrote the book about it:

However, if your spirituality leads you to believe that you can do without the Pope, any religion, but also without the Messiah or Christ, then let me assure you that your spirituality is also a farse, incapable of saving you from your own self, because it is easy to deceive for those in power, as the history books show, but self-deception is also a distinct probability, otherwise all human beings, or most, would have known better by now, this very thing: only the Messiah or Christ is the way to truth and to salvation (and regardless of religion).