Upshur County No Kill Shelter Update
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Teresa Hebebrand called to order the regular meeting of the Upshur County No-Kill Shelter at 6:00 PM on September 4, 2012 at the home of Ann Hamilton and Tim Anderson.   Michelle Enloe read the minutes from the two last meetings. The minutes were approved as read.

Ann Hamilton discussed the progress of legal paperwork in progress to incorporate the organization. Proposed changes to the draft of the paperwork included a new purpose clause. She also answered previously asked questions. She stated that the registered agent can change during the life of the corporation, that the shelter’s CPA, Daphne Grimes, will need to file for an EIN, and that Counsel will be completing the Deluxe Corporation Kit as opposed to the Standard Kit. Additionally, Ann proposed that Sarah Slocum’s title be changed from Head of Operations to Manager. Those present voted to adopt all above changes by a majority vote.

The issue of finding a suitable location for the shelter was discussed by Anita Smith. There is no solid lead at this time, but there are several locations that need to be researched by the Board to determine if they may be suitable. A few “must-have” features of a suitable location include a minimum square footage of 5,000 square feet, at least 3 acres of land, and a location outside of city limits. Locations to be considered include “struck-off” properties and county-owned properties. The Board asked those present to send the shelter an email if a new potential location is identified.

Teresa Hebebrand announced the formation of two committees in order to facilitate progress for the shelter. Each Committee will be independent of the Board, must hold meetings separately from regular organization meetings, and must elect a Chairperson to lead the Committee and act as a liaison to the Board. 

Teresa Hebebrand discussed the formation of the Networking Committee. This Committee is very important to the shelter and will be responsible for finding information on rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries that could potentially help the shelter find homes for its animals. The Committee will also be responsible for assessing adoptable animals and gathering information about them to determine if they can be placed with any of the rescues, shelters, or sanctuaries that were located. Members of the Committees will then need to post information about the animals on appropriate websites and contact entities in the network that may be interested in the animals. Teresa suggested that the Committee visit and for ideas and leads.  The Board urged the Committee to begin working immediately to build a network so that it can be fully established when the shelter becomes operational.

Those who signed up for the Networking Committee were: Kara Diane Davis, Kendra Franklin, Kandace Jones, Amanda McLeroy Penny (not present), Elaine Quarles, Rusty Rose (not present), and Lisa LeKay Sobey (not present).

 Sarah Slocum discussed the formation of the Fundraising Committee. The purpose of this Committee is to research and identify potential fundraising opportunities and present them to the board. Also, the Committee will be responsible for soliciting donations from businesses and people in the community. Several ideas were presented by those present, such as creating and selling buttons and jewelry, holding a pet photography event, and possibly creating an event for the Yamboree in October. The Board urged the Committee to begin working immediately to organize its thoughts and ideas.

Those who signed up for the Fundraising Committee were: Babs Crombie, Kara Diane Davis, Lou Hewitt, Kandace Jones, Hailey Langford, Dianne Morris, Heather Quinn, Jennifer Quinn, and Diane Watts.

Sarah Slocum presented the shelter’s Wish List, which was attached to the agenda. It is vital that items be collected as soon as possible in order to accumulate a large amount of inventory by the time the shelter becomes operational. Gently-used and off-brand items are perfectly acceptable. Used items will be sterilized upon receipt. Items with large holes (such as crocheted blankets) are discouraged. All donations, both monetary and otherwise, will be documented, and donors will receive receipts for their contributions. The Secretary of the Board, Michelle Enloe, will have an updated Wish List at all times, which will be available upon request. Donations can be dropped off at Magnetic Freedom in Gilmer, or donors may contact Sarah Slocum to make other arrangements.

Finally, it was determined that no future meeting date will be set at the current time. It will be set depending on need and communicated to everyone on the contact list via email and Facebook. Those present agreed by a majority vote to move future meeting times from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

Teresa Hebebrand adjourned the meeting at 7:10 PM and the minutes submitted by Michelle Enloe.

Those present at the meeting were: Tim Anderson, Gerba Barnes, Debra Bullfinch, Babs Crombie, Ceci Crombie, Kara Diane Davis, Michelle Enloe, Kendra Franklin, Ralph Richard Godfrey, Nancy Godfrey, Paula Haggard, Ann Hamilton, Teresa Hebebrand, Kristi Henry, Lou Hewitt, Kandace Jones, Hailey Langford, JoAnn McKay, Dianne Morris, Dr. Cherie Nazzal, Elaine Quarles, Heather Quinn, Jennifer Quinn, Judy Reeher, Sarah Slocum, Anita Smith, and Diane Watts.

Anyone who is interested in being inolved either directly or indirectly with the no-kill shelter is invited to contact us on Facebook under Second Chances of Upshur County or Dr Cherie Nazzal's Facebook page or email the organization at

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