Upshur County Grassroots TEA Party plans rally on April 28
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The Rev. J. Steven Wilkins, an author and Presbyterian minister, will be keynote speaker for an April 28 rally of the Upshur County Grassroots TEA Party on the county courthouse lawn.

Rev. Wilkins, pastor of the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in Monroe, La., since 1989, will speak on "Real Patriotism." Among other works, he has authored the American history study, "AMERICA, The First 350 Years," which has reportedly become popular in curriculums for Christian schools and home schooling.

"Other speakers are scheduled to share the podium and report on the importance of voting in the coming primary and general elections and on current local political statistics," said an email from the event's organizing committee.

Musical entertainment for the April 28 event, which the party said is aimed at educating and rallying conservative voters, will be provided by "The Jordan's Gospel Bluegrass Band" beginning about 9:45 a.m.

Speeches are scheduled to start about 10:45 a.m., and the event is expected to last until about noon.

Chuck Mears is chief organizer of the rally.







Dear Upshur County Patriots,


  •  WE MUST RALLY ALL CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES before the coming elections!!!
  • Over $16 TRILLION dollar foreign debt and over $200 trillion in government internal obligations (SS, Welfare, Medicade, Medicare,Food Stamps, unemployment compensations,compensation to illegal aliens, and a myriad of other government socialist programs) have essentially bankrupted our nation. 
  • Our nation's credit rating has been lowered for the first time in history. Our currency is being devalued, while inflation in the form of less for more, has already put many households in dire straits. 
  •  Private sector economic growth is stagnant while government growth is on the rise. 
  • The President is governing by dictate and Executive Order, bypassing the legislature at every opportunity and this nation has not had a budget since he has taken office. 
  • He has encouraged and supported a violent liberal counter movement to the conservative Tea Party called the Occupy Movement. Obama has already started his assault on free markets and the wealthy and is promoting class, racial and religious warfare. Many economic prognosticators have foretold of a coming financial calamity that will essentially end American economic stability and the so called "Great Depression" will pale by comparison. 
  • To add insult to injury Obama declared this week that the Supreme Court of the United States did not have the authority to deem legislation he fostered to be "Unconstitutional" and any attempt to do so would be considered "Judicial Activism"!!!!!




On April 28th, 2012. The Upshur County Grassroots Tea Party will sponsor a Rally on the Upshur County Courthouse Lawn to educate and rally conservative voters.  We are very pleased to introduce Presbyterian Minister, American Historian and Patriot Rev. Steven Wilkins as keynote speaker for the event. Pastor Wilkins authored the American History Study "AMERICA , The First 350 Years" which has become a very popular source of American history study in the nation's Christian and home school curriculum. Pastor Wilkins will speak to the subject of [Real Patriotism].



Pastor and Author, J. Steven Wilkins 


J Steven Wilkins is the author of

  • Face to Face: Meditations on Friendship and Hospitality 
  • Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee 
  • All Things for Good: The Steadfast Fidelity of Stonewall Jackson
  • The Federal Vision (editor)



Other speakers are scheduled to share the podium and report on the importance of voting in the coming primary and general elections and on current local political statistics.




Musical Entertainment will be provided by the local band "The Jordan's Gospel Bluegrass Band".


Bryce Jordan, 16 yrs old, Junior @ East Texas Cristian School, Started playing @ age 8. Recently received scholarship @ LeTourneau University in music.  Attends Faith Baptist Church, Kilgore TX.  Plays mandolin, guitar, and fiddle.  Performs gospel music at local Churches and bluegrass festivals.


Kayla Jordan, 20 yrs old, Attends Kilgore College, started age 12, lead singer, and plays guitar.  Trained 2 years in Kilgore College Choir.


Accompanied by Dave Botkin on upright bass .


The music will  begin at or near 9:45 am and Speakers will begin at or near 10:45 am. The event will end near 12 noon. There will be a prize drawing and bumper stickers, Constitutions and other valuable literature will be available at the rally. So please bring a folding chair, as many friends and family as possible, a respectful patriotic attitude and join a rally of Patriots on in downtown Gilmer, Texas.




The Upshur County Grassroots TEA Party Organizers Committee


[Disclaimer; No political party or candidates or organizations will be allowed promotional booths or tables at the rally without expressed written consent from the UCGTP Organizers Committee. From the hours of 7am till 1pm on April 28th., 2012.]



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