Upshur Co. Judge suspended following indictments
by Calvin_Monasco
 “Dying in CorUpshur County”
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UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – Upshur County Judge Dean Fowler has been suspended with pay after recent indictments by a grand jury.  


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It"s been a while since I last checked my CorUpsher County blog sight because just recently was released from jail because Lauren Parish sentenced me to120 days in the County jail for contempt of court for being 8 days late kicking my son of my house to satisfy her mandate because I was sued by Gilmer Boating and Fishing Cult inc. for allowing my son to live with me in Twin Lakes of which In used to be a member in good standing until my home was foreclosed and my membership was forfeited because I did not keep up with my mortgage payments  while I was in jail and almost died twice so the jail kicked me out early for having too high of medical cost and left stranded at ETMC Tyler to find my own way back to gilmer as a homeless bum. Judge Parish charged for 8 counts of contempt of court 1count  for each day that my son slept in my house past the deadline of her mandate. She gave me 15 days in jail for each count to be served consecutively coming to a grand total of 180 days with no entitlement for good behavior unless I had a cashiers check or money order in the amount $8,300 and some odd dollars delivered to Attorney Barry Wallace. If I did that I was assured that there may be a very good chance that I be released from jail promptly afterword. Isn't this a bit like being held for ransom?  

Anyway what got me started updating this blog is the comment from pissing on u and I  thought it was really funny that they used the name pissing on u and my name is Calvin and I am notorious for pissing on Ford and something was said about pissing on Fowler and I used Cain's picture from Calvin and Hobbs and Fowler is the man who sentenced my son to 180 days in county jail for fishing in my lake and in our own backyard at Twin Lakes.


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Pissing on U
January 05, 2011
Isn't that ironic that the indicted officials are whining, especially Todd Tefteller their attorney, because they didn't get a chance to tell there side of the story after voting to not allow the citizens comment or give there side at meetings? Welcome to Upshur County Justice Todd Tefteller, Dean, Betterton and Crabtree. With your cussing in the press, Todd Tefteller, we thought you might want to run for county judge. It appears you are taking after Dean Fowler as when he tries to belittle the county commissioners in his kangaroo court. The county judge job does not require a law degree and with Fowler's bad press you would probably stand a good chance of taking it away from him. LOL, but thats only after you let us piss on the carpet as you said in the newspapers. Right now we are just busy pissing on Fowler and wondering what school you all got your law degrees from. Is it the online school the University of Phoenix? LOL
January 04, 2011
Someone please send this to the National News. This is just too good to be true. Fowler has always made Gilmer the laughing stock of East Texas, so why not do it all in a bigger fashion?

Only in Gilmer... Good Luck Billy Byrd. I'm sure you are a popular man with Fowler, Parish and the rest of the Democratic Party in Gilmer. Oops, Fowler switch parties to get re-elected. Well, the Republican Party blesses your efforts. Good Luck1 We can't wait to hear all of the rest of the news that Parish's gag order is preventing.
January 04, 2011
This is so funny that I cannot bear it! Dean Fowler has had this coming a long time. What comes around goes around. It's about time he gets a taste of his East Texas justice. And for Todd Tefteller his attorney that likes to whine like a baby about his client Dean, "It's only bad when it affects you or your client." That's why we are laughing so hard today. Now Dean knows how it feels to be on the other end of it all. Can't wait to go and hear this in the court room.