U.S. Congressman Trey Radel, a brief pullover on the highway
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Media attention on Florida U.S. Congressman Trey Radel has waned some. Radel was arrested for buying cocaine and has since taken a leave of absence for drug rehabilitation. We won't hear much until he resumes his elected Congressional job. Radel by his own admission spiraled downward in his life being consumed by alcohol that led him to become a cocaine user.


Alcohol or drug addiction never leads to the best of times. Most of us can identify with lives that get imbalanced or totally out of control. Too many Americans are addicted to junk food with a third of our nation being obese. However, obesity is not illegal and we would rather meet a fat man on the highway than a drunk or drug crazed man.


Millions of Americans are addicted to prescription medications and seek pills from pill mill doctors all over the nation. Deaths occur routinely throughout the nation as every day good American people swallow too many pills blessed by duly licensed physicians. Many of us know someone who left us prematurely. Remember Elvis? Remember Michael Jackson? Addiction took over their lives as they plummeted to the bottom and sadly on out of the world.


The last time I got a speeding ticket I didn't really mean to be speeding. I was just in a hurry. The police officer kindly gave me a citation that cost me some money.  It is irritating to receive a speeding ticket, however I have to think that maybe that policeman saved my life. I have to think that maybe a brief pullover on the highway saved me from greater calamity further down the road.


I know US Congressman Trey Radel is embarrassed and will work hard to do better.

Everybody deserves a second chance. However, one of several good things about his arrest is that maybe this brief pullover on life's highway will enable him to live to a ripe old age. 



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