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Best Antivirus for Mac
by jessicajgowen4
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Mac users have enjoyed their Mac lives without security threats. With the recent series of malware attacks, it seems that the days of honeymoon are over now. There are monstrous malwares out there that can do bad things with your Macs. Some of them are known as “Mac Defender”, “Mac Guard”, and “Mac Security”. You can no longer surf the web carefree. You need to have security protection for your Mac to avoid these threats.

Fortunately, there are dozens of anti virus software out there that can save your Mac. Some of them are free and some cost you. Here are some best Mac software reviews that will help you find the right anti virus software.


ClamXav2 is a free of cost anti virus that you can install on your Mac OS X. ClamXav2 is the new version of ClamXav, which was released some time ago. ClamXav2 is easy to use and you don’t need to update virus definitions, as scan files manually and can automatically execute both processes. It comes for both Intel based Mac OS X and Power PC.

Sophos Mac Home Edition

Sophos is free anti virus available for Mac users. Sophos offers automatic protection against both current and new security threats. It is capable of removing all kinds of malwares (i.e. worms, wabbits, spayware, adware etc). Sophos is heavily used in business communities all around the world. Having it on your system is like having a guard at your house door.

iAntivirus PC Tools

iAntivirus PC Tools is only for Intel based Macs and comes with limited features. Limited version is not bad either. It allows you both schedule and customized virus scans. You can only upgrade it to the full version for Mac by paying $29.95 for one year subscription.

Avast Mac Edition

Avast Mac Edition is not free as other anti virus programs are. Avast Mac Edition offers both customizable scans and scheduled downloads. In addition, it also provides spam email protection. It only runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and upper versions than that. Avast Mac Edition price for one year license is $39.95. You can pay additional $10 to get both Mac and PC editions, which provides you protection against both Mac and Window based threats.


BitDefender is one of best anti virus programs available for Mac in the market. It is capable enough to remove all types of malwares and viruses. The best thing about BitDefender is that it doesn’t require any configuration or user interaction. It runs in the background silently and whenever you come across any threat, BitDefender will block and remove it completely. Cost of BitDefender is $49.95 and is only for Intel based Macs.

Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky is well known software of a Russian company that offers cloud based anti virus services. That means, you get protection against malicious sites and infected applications. Price of one years license is $39.95 and is only for Intel based Macs.

Panda Anti Virus

Panda Anti Virus provides powerful protection against viruses, trojans, worms, wabbits, keyloggers and bots. Panda Anti Virus is capable enough to protect you from identity theft. It is also available for iPhone, iPad, iPod. Price for one year license is $49.95. Find out TrueCrypt review

TrueCrypt review
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