Treats on the Square
by cookieoller
 Treats on the Square Scentsy winner
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As a mother/grandmother I have taken my grandchildren to Treats on the Square for many years.  It has always been a wonderful experience for the kids  and reassuring for the parents/grandparents.  This year I participated as a vendor, having a home based business.  I was very disappointed in the vendor turnout this year.  I know that the economy is very tight for everyone, but, this was pitiful.  I want to give kuddos to everyone who did particpate and maybe leave a litle encouragement for all to participate next year. 

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teacher 1
June 13, 2011
Get rid on this entire ordeal...there is absolutely no reason for children to be walking around downtown asking for candy!!!! For what is a total waste of the merchants money and does not promote any thing good, just gimme, gimme, gimme.

It is a trashy affair.
Anthony N. Emmel
January 25, 2011
"Give and it shall be given unto you."

Gee, StoreMerchant, I wonder who said that? One should always be willing to share of their bounty with others. For in giving we receive. Too bad that you're such a Scrooge and could never understand that.
November 08, 2010
If you want it larger next year then buy candy or give the merchants money to buy candy. In case you have not purchased candy its fairly high, even at Sams Wholesale in bulk. With the thousands of people that come by, many with two or three sacks the candy goes very fast. Also, many older kids that should not be trick or treating are participating with the younger children. People will take what you will give them for free, all day long, until you are broke. I am thankful for the merchants that did participate, but instead of complaining about the matter do something positive to make it better. Put your money where your mouth is as very few people do. Go and donate money starting today to make next years event better. This Obama type thought process was voted out by the Nation in the last elections.