Tips for Strangers
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I need a shirt for my baby that says please don’t touch or feed me. It amazes me how strangers will come up to my baby and rub his face. Do they not realize it is flu season? Do they not realize that it takes everything in me not to say something.


My husband came home from the store and shared a story how a stranger came up to the baby and rubbed his face. Usually when this happens, we take a baby wipe and wipe him down afterwards. This time my husband didn’t have any wipes available.  He came home upset about the woman but did not vent to her but me.


I promised myself when I was pregnant I would be a calm easy going mother. I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to keep that promise.


Next time you come in contact with a stranger and their baby, here are a few tips to follow.


Tip #1: Do not touch the baby. You might think your hand are clean but it is just rude to touch another person’s face. Would you go up to a complete adult stranger and rub your nasty hands all over their face?


Tip #2: Do not lean over and get right in the baby’s face and start talking nonsense to the baby. Your breath has germs and a baby’s immune system is very fragile.


Tip #3: Do not give a stranger’s baby food. Yes, I have plenty of people offer candy, crackers, nuts and other items to my baby.


I realize that these tips may make me come off as rude and angry. I can’t help it.


A woman recently came up and broke all of the above tips. It was driving me crazy but when I looked up at the woman I realized she had cancer and as she stroked my baby’s face her face lit up. My mother has a doctor who has a lot of cancer patients and this was one of them. My baby was probably more of a threat to her and her compromised immune system than she was a threat to him.


After the woman was out sight, I said a little prayer for her and proceeded to wipe the baby with a baby wipe and put the peppermint in my pocket. I sat there and thought about something she mumbled as she walked away. What a little beautiful life, so precious.


Life can be very short even if you live to be 100. Life can be so short that I am not going to worry if strangers don’t follow my tips. I will however cherish each time my baby or I can bring joy to a stranger’s life.



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