This may be the beginning of a dynasty in Seattle
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Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll appeared at the Super Bowl Media Center inside the Sheraton Times Square in New York City Tuesday morning for his final press conference

before heading back home to Seattle.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gave some opening comments. “Good morning. Congratulations, obviously, to the Seahawks and to the 12th Man for an incredible victory last night. Let me also thank the people of this region, New York and New Jersey, all of the officials that worked so hard to put off a terrific Super Bowl. We are thrilled with not only their effort, but more importantly the outcome. It was an extraordinary week of events and we were thrilled to be here. Obviously, our work continues today as we work to get our fans back out of town and back home, but everyone seemed to have a terrific time. We had a couple of things that, obviously, we will review and try to improve on, but overall, I think the event was tremendously successful.”

“Obviously, we saw a dominant performance last night by the Seahawks, an incredible performance. I think they scored a touchdown on offense, defense and special teams, not including the safety that they scored early in the game. That makes 19 teams now that have won a Super Bowl amongst our 32, so that’s terrific for us, and I guess most importantly for Coach (Pete) Carroll and his team and the 12th Man and the Seahawk fans. They have the youngest team, I think, in the league right now, and that’s obviously something to look forward to. And, we had a great performance by Malcolm Smith, our MVP and an extraordinary young man. (He is) only the ninth defensive player to win the MVP, and I think the third linebacker. A great story, a seventh-round draft choice, I think he was 242nd overall, believe it or not, from USC. Coach, how did you pull that one off? Another Trojan? An extraordinary young man, and what a great performance. We’re thrilled that he is the MVP and thrilled that he is here with us this morning. So, Coach (Carroll), I’m going to leave this to you. Again, what an incredible performance by the Seahawks. In four years, a coach came in, took this team and is now world champions, the Super Bowl champs. Incredible performance.”

Coach Carroll gave an opening statement and then was asked about his team’s margin of victory. “I would just like to say to open up that this was an extraordinary week here in the area. We were treated perfectly throughout by the Giants organization, by New Jersey and New York and by the law enforcement that gave us the security and blanketed us during the time we were here. It was a great week. Everything went exactly as we had hoped. Of course, the game did as well. We were thrilled about that. It was truly special to play the game here. I don’t know how the Commissioner pulled it off, but he pulled off the weather in perfect fashion. The NFL is powerful now. It made for a fantastic event. Of course, not so much for the Denver fans, but I think for a lot of people. Whenever you get to do something of this magnitude, you like to do it here in this area. We feel very fortunate to be able to play a part in that. We’re really thrilled about the outcome.”

“I think as we have seen in the past, sometimes games go, and sometimes it can be kind of like an avalanche. The scores start happening. Field position just tilts and everything goes your way. We were really ready. We were really ready for the opportunities. The first score, we had nothing to do with that one. (The safety) was just unfortunate for them on the snap and all. From that point on, we really seized the night. Whenever you play turnover football like that, it’s the formula that we try to live by. You get four turnovers and they get none; the game is going to go that way. We had great kicking game play as well. We really were able to put the whole formula together, and that was the outcome that came out of it.”

Carroll also praised MVP Brown. “We’ve been coaching him since he was 11 years old, I think. We recruited his brother, Steve, and he was kind of always hanging around and coming into the program. It just seems like we’ve had him in the system for so long. We’ve appreciated Malcolm’s athleticism, his smarts and his toughness for a long time. His college career kind of got knocked around because he was playing behind one of the most amazing linebacker crews of all-time in college football. He got banged up a little bit. We knew that he was an extraordinary athlete and we fortunately had the shot to take him and (General Manager) John (Schneider) figured out where he would go. He didn’t like it, but he had to go in the seventh round. He’s proven otherwise, just like a lot of other guys in our program. I think it was extraordinary last night to see Jermaine Kearse score a touchdown and Doug Baldwin score a touchdown, and Malcolm gets in the end zone and scoops up another fumble. Guys that are not the heralded guys coming in competed in our program and found a way to contribute in enormous ways. Just through the stretch of the season, I think Malcolm had four interceptions in just the last five or six games or whatever it was. He scored a couple of times; put us on the 5-yard line another time. He’s has a huge impact. It’s because he’s such a well-rounded athlete, and he knows our system so well. He does. He’s a great asset to us. He plays all kinds of positions, and he’s a fantastic special teams player as well.”

The coach indicated he’ll begin meetings tomorrow planning for next season so he and his team doesn’t get behind. It is hard to imagine, but this team is one of the youngest in the NFL, and because they have stayed well within the salary cap, this could be the just the beginning of a new dynasty in the NFL. We will probably be hearing a LOT more about the Legion of Boom (L.O.B.) for years to come.
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