The promise of tomorrow, if we take it!
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We have to quickly review the now, to talk about tomorrow...
December 7th, 1941 was worse. The American Civil War was worse. The Depression was worse. So when you look at the dismal condition of America today you have to realize we have been here before. For many of us today, America is close to non-existence. President Obama has stated from the beginning his beliefs which are contrary to the America I love. He has apologized to the world for our triumphs. He has told the world we are not a Christian nation any longer. His "middle class" is not the American middle class, but the lower class. He does not look to help his middle class start businesses, and work forty hour work weeks, and be beneficiaries of America's original promise!
The Obama Administration has attacked the Christian Church; he has repeatedly said things that make one wonder about his fidelity to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. President Obama has talked about transformation...he has tried to insert materialism into the Bill of Rights! He has tried to change the promise of America, from opportunity to redistribution! He never talks about a new American PRIVATE SECTOR with industry second to none in the world. He never talks about an America self-sufficient in oil and energy. He never talks about business startups! The first black President has not done one thing to lift his people in private sector business, not one time called on black youth to be the new leadership in commerce, and business.
Instead, President Obama has tried to break America's spirit, like a cowboy tries to break the spirit of a horse when the bridle is first placed over the horses head! He has done everything he could to rob Americans of their legacy. His Obama Care is not American, it is European socialism. And this monster (or pending train wreck as Democrat Senator Max Baucus called it) is having its affect on America. No more 40 hour work weeks, companies hiring part timers because they can't afford to hire full timers! Even the unions are rejecting it, and Congress has exempted itself and its staffers from it. They are afraid.
Look at the Obama economy, who are our largest employers? Walmart, Kelly Temps and McDonald's! Is that America? Is that your child's dream? The list of America's largest employers tells you we are doing something very wrong!
We see racial tension, did your President speak to a whole nation, or was he a community activist on the block?
Benghazi, the IRS intimidation of citizens, the National Security Agency listening to your phone calls and reading your emails! Is this the America you were raised in? Is this the America you wanted?
Obama is not the sole cause of American failure
The Republicans, led by the neo conservatives deserve their fair share of the credit for the American debacle of the early 21st Century. Globalism and the New World Order are at the heart of what ills America. America needs to re-evaluate its place in the world. Our job as leader of the free world is done. We won..get over it!
Now, we need to just be a nation, competing with 200 plus other nations. We don't need to be the world's savior, that job is taken.
Get out of the wars, fight terrorism overseas with the CIA and other intelligence groups. When necessary, supplement them with special operations folks from the Department of Defense. But make the priority U.S. national security, not global national security. It's time for the rest of the world to take their responsibilty. Stop trying to westernize the Middle East. "Yankee go home" isn't just a Southern thang!
Things are pretty bad, but we have been in worse times. And we got ourselves out of the jams we got ourselves into! So its time for America. It's time for the Americans who believe in God, in the human spirit to rise. It's tme for rebirth, and it's time for another Ronald Reagan. And we have one! But before we go there, let's talk about why America can ignite, can explode into the 21st Century!
The good thing about the bottom is everything is up from here.
Let's talk about what we have.
US Oil and gas potential
We have the largest reservoir of natural energy in the entire world! Yep, it's true! WE are it. Not the Middle East, not Mexico. Nope, we are, the United States of America. And much of our natural resources are under federal lands. If these resources were leased properly, so that the energy had to be refined and sold here, and so that the United States had energy prices substantially lower than the rest of the world, we would instantly do three things:
  1. break the world market on oil, reducing the cost of everything in America, from gas at the pump to everything you purchase in a store!
  2. Bring industry back to America!
  3. put Americans to work in good paying jobs and instantly infuse our young with an opportunity to share in the legacy of the American middle class, home ownership, business startups, vibrancy and a feeling of American excellence.
One of the keys to re-igniting the American market place is to increase discretionary dollars...dollars people can do with as they wish; invest, purchase, save. And one huge way to do that is to reduce the cost of gasoline at the pump! This can be done, we can do it. We have the resources and technology now. As a land owner, who saw an oil company come on my property and drill a well, I can tell you it does not take years, it takes weeks! Weeks, not years.
Yes the process of shifting into high gear in the extraction, refining and distribution would take time...time with jobs, time incomes now, and the great impact that the anticipation of better days would immediately have on a nation in malaise.
Establish an economic policy of national self sufficiency
Streamlining, centralization and specialization are things you do when you don't have labor. We do, in excess. What we need to do is set a goal of national self-sufficiency in terms of the product creation and product life management. America's products should be the best in the world, and if they are not, adjust the investment system to insure domestic competition weeds out poor products and replaces them with the best. Stop importing because of quality, make quality an American trademark, like it used to be!
Trade should supplement, not be the source of American economic success.
Remember always that manufacturing jobs are the core, the primary nugget of economic activity. It does not matter how smart we are, how many services we provide. National self-sufficieny is not just an economic imperative, it is also essential for national security. America was
the arsenal of the world in the 20th century wars, but we need to be our own arsenal in the 21st Century.
American Labor Force
Americans are under employed. Because of the Obama economy the private sector has been in neutral for five years. Something like 9 million less people work today, than were working five years ago! And think of all the kids who have graduated from high school and college. Something like 40% of all the new graduates live at home with their parents, buried under college debt!
We have a huge untapped workforce. And most of it can read. Hard to say what four years of college did for most of those who attended.
But we hope they can read.
So its time to retake the American market place. It's for America to create the policies and laws which provide advantage to American industry and manufacturing. Don't tell me Americans can't make quality products...tell me how to compete with slave labor in Third World nations? That's easy, tariffs and trade barriers. Do we want to sell American made goods in Ohio or Morocco?
It's time to look for Made in USA. It's time again to realize that when you put your neighbor out of work you also lose a customer for your goods. America's job is not to take care of the's to be the model for the world. Right now Americans have been "redistributed" and so we can help no one...
Seal the border
Illegal immigrants aren't the only problem with America's open border mentality. Illegal drugs, cheap third world products, an exodus of American capital and jobs, everything - all our problems start at the border! We have imported the world's problems while exporting our legacy.
Time to put a stop to this. Now. Time for government to be tamed, broken and reminded it should fear us, and not the reverse.
And it’s time to stop devaluing manual labor. When people say Americans won't do a certain job, what they should be saying is Americans won't do that job for minimum wage. Let the market control the value of unskilled labor by closing off the supply of illegals who work off the books. It's time for the market to re-assert itself within America. But to do that the labor supply has to be Made in America only.
Look who America’s largest employers are! Something is wrong with this picture. We let illegals in – put them to work in our largest employers, send anglo kids to college, and then they stay at home because there are not any jobs!
Regain our Republic - trust the American people
The great potential of the United States rested in its people and the original political organization that allowed for a large degree of diversity amongst the states. A political and economic laboratory that allowed fifty states to do it their own way.
There is great irony for Americans to see. Look at Europe. She is trying, and has been trying for two hundred years to be America. Europe is trying to de-nationalize itself, and confederate all its nations into one union. It should not try to be what it is not. And yet, it tries.
Here in America we are what Europe wants to be, but we are ruining ourselves by trying to centralize everything in a time when decentralization, something inherent to the American way, is precisely what gave us great advantages over the rest of the world. We had free trade within our borders! We had common values based in Christianity! We did not have to legislate those values, we lived them. What is needed is a "Texas approach" to the federal government; don't let the Congress meet every year, and restrict how long they can scheme when they do get together.
The states are the right place for domestic issues to be addressed, and the federal government need not incentivize actions. Let the states sort things out independently. Right will emerge with time, as different systems and approaches are tried.
Education provided for by the states, without central government "guidance" meant that there was not one way to do things, or one set or priorities and moralities.
Killing the Federal Department of Education is probably the single most important government reform needed. There is not one right way. There is not one American history, there is not one way to teach, one way to discipline, one way to mold and help kids. And it is NOT the federal government's job to have any part in primary public education!
We do have our next Ronald Reagan
Leadership counts. It is a quality, a commodity that has been lost in America. Leadership can make all the difference. Leadership is first, the compass, the light we follow. In America we have been sorely missing that light. America's foundation is on Christ and we are a Christian nation! So whomever our next president is must not only be a Christian, they must be vocal about it.
A president is not just the Chief Executive of the government. A president is the leader of our nation, our people. All the people. The people who suffer from birth challenges, the babies in the womb, the kids in the ghetto but also the kids in middle America.
We have not really seen a national leader with size and vision for America since Ronald Reagan. All the others after him have been globalists who saw/see their role as savior of the world, instead of leader of America. Right now America needs an American as President. someone who puts Americans first and only.
Sarah Palin is our next Ronald Reagan. She has the vision, the belief in God, and the character it will take to reverse course and take America back to its foundings. We have our Ronald Reagan.
With God's help, in God's time America can right itself.
This ain't over yet. We don't have to settle for Third World status. But it won't happen by itself, and it won't happen by running away from the American Way. We still have the tools, we have our history to look to and inspire us. We need to re-embrace our God, repent of our sin and get to work. It can be done - but no one will do it for us.
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