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WHEN YOU SEE or hear a man trying to “explain” women, your reaction is probably “Uh, oh! This dang fool’s about to stick his foot in his mouth,” or “He’s gonna get his rear in a sling,” or any other pronouncement defining stupidity in the male gender.

“Women, God bless ‘em. Can’t live with ‘em and can’t live without ‘em.” Now, a man’s already in trouble when he begins that statement, even if he puts on a stupid grin which resembles a jackass eating cactus, that says “I know I’m in trouble, but….”

I suppose if we’re going to examine man’s view of woman, we must establish some criteria with which men gauge their interest, approach, conduct and sanity.

How does a man become interested in a woman?

Obviously, looks/appearance and personality are the first thing I look for in women. I’m sure that looks and physical appearance are the MOST important criteria for far too many men. However, I add personality because, over the years, that has been an important and valuable yardstick in sizing up a woman. It’s a tip-off to some of the other factors I have on my checklist, which is offered in no particular organized order.

AS A young man in the early stages of even beginning to understand women, I jumped on the good looks “requirement.” Among my early dates as a young man were a Miss Galena Park, two Miss Houstons and a Miss Texas.

A couple of physical characteristics are valuable in assessing a personality beyond the good looks aspect. I look at smiles and eyes. A quick, easy smile is a good sign. If it’s a dazzling one, like my Life Mate, then you may take on the added burden of fighting off other men. But, that’s a whole ‘nother chapter in the book: TRYING to Understand Women.

Intelligence is high on my list of qualifications. A good indication of outstanding intellect: Is she a reader? Since I devour books, newspapers and magazines at a pretty good clip, it’s so pleasing to have Julie sitting or lying beside me, both of us holding a book or an iPad we’re hurrying to finish so we can swap and/or move on to the next one.

Intellectual intimacy is, ooooh, exciting!

A LOVE OF music of all kinds, and of one of my favorite pastimes — dancing — is a valuable asset for a woman of interest. Life Partner takes to that really well and our now-infrequent jitterbugs reflect age and lack of physical conditioning.

Extremely important, too, is spirituality. That does not necessarily mean a particular denomination nor even a singular religion. Faith is, to me, a major segment of my spirituality. A Supreme Being. Heaven. But, I also find spirituality in our environment, in the things and the people around us.

Julie brings extra dimension to the spirituality in our home. In that context, we raised a son who probably outstrips us completely in his devotion to his faith.

Beyond our own spiritual commitment to Christianity, we try to live our lives in a manner that attests to faith as a moral guidepost worthy of consideration and acceptance by any and all.

In our life, Julie provides moments of spirituality that greatly enhance our connection as a couple, as Life Partners.

So, I managed to marry someone who combines beauty and brains, coupled with all those other attributes. I’m blessed.

I FIND THAT although history has not been kind to women in acknowledging their rights and freedoms, the “fairer sex” has usually found a way to circumvent that and to achieve anything their ambitions, abilities and opportunities provide.

This space is almost filled but perhaps the most natural and greatest attribute of women is the maternal instinct. Motherhood transcends mere childbirth and rearing. It is, to me, the epitome of womanhood and the greatest measure of accomplishment known to history.

Lest we overlook anything, particularly the “newest” accomplishment in modern times, women make great bosses, leaders, people who run businesses and companies. Managing a household, running a family, raising children is maybe the greatest training ground for executives of all time.

After all, women manage the world.

There. I’ve done the best I can to explain women.

Willis Webb is a retired community newspaper editor-publisher of more than 50 years experience. He can be reached by email at
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