The Undecided Voter is to Blame
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We can all thank the undecided voter for this political advertising bombardment we are experiencing. Every time you suffer through yet another political advertisement featuring voices full of sinister insinuations, thank the undecided voter. Without voters who can still be affected by such advertisements, we would not have to sit through these endless commercials.

By the weekend before the election, if you do not yet know which candidate running for president bests represents your point of view, you have not been paying enough attention the past four years. I do not endorse any candidate for president and do not intend this column to be about choosing one or the other of the major party candidates. One of them will be chosen, and this country will move on another four years under one or the other of them.

But why must we sit through this orgy of advertising every four years? The answer is simple: the very few voters who do not keep up enough for four years find they really do not know which candidate or which party best reflects their own point of view. This is not rocket science. It's looking at one's own beliefs and values, and then choosing a candidate best aligned with our own beliefs.

If every citizen would read an editorial page in a newspaper just once a week, they would know all they needed to know by Labor Day every four years to know who they should vote for in the presidential election. Almost everyone I know has long known who they will vote for in this presidential election.

This time of the year during election years, we always hear the public exhorted to get out and vote. That is generally a good idea, but is it really a good idea for people to vote if their vote can be obtained by political advertising? Should a person vote if they do not know enough about the candidates to choose one who agrees with their general view of life?

Several weeks ago, the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live had a skit lampooning the undecided voter. The comedy routine had as its point something with which I agree entirely: only completely uninformed voters do not know which candidate they will vote for in the presidential election late in the process. Anyone who has been even remotely aware of presidential politics at any point in the past four years should already know who will get their presidential vote.

How is it possible not to know what the candidates stand for and whether their politics fit with the voters? No matter what cause or values a person holds most dear, he or she should not have a problem figuring out which candidate best fits their beliefs.


This column is not an attempt to suppress the vote, but to point out that anyone who can still be swayed by advertising at this late date in the presidential race has not been paying enough attention to the two major candidates the past several years.

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Jim “Pappy” Moore is a native son of East Texas who still makes the piney woods his home.
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Well here's the deal
November 05, 2012
Truthfully, Here in Texas, as far as the presidental race is concerned... REALLY OUR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER.. Because of the electoral college votes... will decide who is the president.. not the popular vote..

Where you can make a difference is.. get rid of the Lifers.. that have lead this country down the road of destruction, illegal wars, false hopes, bigger goverment and fewer rights...and Higher health insurance, and TAXES at all levels Washington, State and yes Even LOCAL!

That is where you can make the most difference.. Vote out the has beens.. the Lifers.. who have not done what needs to be done and stood up for our rights..