The State of Our Judeo-Christian ‘Union’
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WE HAVE FAILED where our founding fathers did not, to establish and maintain our worldview’s majority influence in the governing and making of just laws; instead, the Secular-Humanist worldview has prevailed under the guise of “equal rights and equal access”.  They have not only won the majority in our governments, but they have also gained significant ground in our synagogues and churches. Never in the history of our communities and country has our sovereignty been so compromised, that our enemies within and without our borders have the capacity to enslave us.

WE HAVE FAILED to love and obey our Judeo-Christian God and His commandments, judgments and precepts; instead, we have chosen our denominational differences over our Oneness.  Remember, not everyone can be an eye or an ear, a hand or a foot – it takes the oneness of The Body working together.  We are to encourage unity, as well as, disciplining the wrong among us.

WE HAVE FAILED to teach in our public schools The Absolute Truths about the key questions of life, “Who are we?”, “Where did we come from?” and “What is our purpose?” The answers to these are the bases of all the arts, humanities and sciences. Look around and see what the Secular-Humanist god worldview has produced since the 1950s.

If victory came by physical strength, military might or even fiat economic power, we quite possibly might have a chance; but it doesn’t – The Lord gives and The Lord takes away, blessed be The Name of The Lord.  How much longer will we take before it is too late? Local Ministerial Alliances, please help unite us.

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