The Internet Does Not Have All the Answers
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I WONDER what mothers did before the invention of the Internet. Each time I have a question about my baby’s health or progression, I go straight to the computer. I am sure I am no different from any other first time mother.

My son has six teeth. The first two came in rather quickly then followed by the rest at a steady rate. However, he hasn’t gotten any more. In my mind I think the other teeth should have come in already. I turned to the Internet for guidance. I felt like I couldn’t find a clear answer.

I figured I would just ask the doctor at his next appointment. Then I ran into two friends who have babies that were born the same week as my son. We talked about their teeth, their walking, and overall development. I left my friends feeling very informed. I learned that even though the Internet has a wealth of information, it isn’t always the best source.

I have worked as an Internet tech support agent. It amazed me how many people would call in devastated because their Internet was not working. Once I had a lady who cried because she could not play Farmville. She sobbed about how her crops were going to die and she needed her Internet so she could harvest the crops. Other people would call in upset because they couldn’t watch movies on Netflix or update their Facebook status. I didn’t mind when people would be rude and yell at me. In a small way it amused me.

I UNDERSTAND the role that Internet plays in today’s society. It helps people stay close to loved ones, helps cut down on paper waste, and the important contributions it does for the economy. Recently the Internet was temporarily slowed down because of factors that are too tedious to explain. I heard so many complaints and I wondered what would people do without the Internet.

I am not saying the Internet is a bad thing. I am saying too much of anything can be a bad thing. I was in a waiting room not too long ago and there were two little boys there with their mother. Each child had a tablet and were on the Internet playing games and the mother was on her smartphone doing the same. Not once did they speak to each other. Each one of them had their heads bowed down oblivious to their surroundings.

MY SON is a little over a year old and I have already started thinking about getting him an Internet tablet made specially for babies. I’m starting to think that may not be a good idea. All the literature I have read about the tablet says it is educational and helps the development of the baby. I don’t know. All I had were Highlight magazines when I had to wait in the doctor’s office.

I guess it is all about balance. I obviously don’t want to deny my child the benefits of today’s technology. However, I want to make sure he doesn’t become obsessed with it either. I am going to have to regulate myself also. The next time I have a question about my son’s development, I think I am going to walk down the street to my friends house instead of turning the computer on.

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