The Essential Role of Love for Humans
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Everyone needs to be loved. We are social animals whose strength as a species is our ability to bind ourselves together in strongly bonded relationships which provide procreation and survival. Love helps us do that. When we care about one another, we are evidencing the very trait which made our survival as a species possible.

Consider the lion. They are hunters. A group of females is the core of the pride. They bear cubs sired by the male lion which commanded the group for a time. When a new male comes along and successfully challenges the reigning male, the first thing the successor does is kill all the offspring of the prior king of this pride. This causes the females to go into estrus, and soon they are breeding with the new male ruling the pride.

Every male lion who leads a pride will eventually lose his position, never to regain it. The king of the jungle does not rule for long, and is always, always deposed and run off.

Lions hunt together, and at hunting they are superb creatures with natural attributes which make their pursuit and killing of prey possible. They rely upon each other and have a strong bond as a pride. But if one of them becomes lame and cannot hunt, the others leave it without even looking back. They do not care for their injured when it is time to hunt.

We are not lions. We form strong and enduring bonds with others of our species. These bonds often last a lifetime. Love is the quality which binds us together.

What is love? Is it that romantic swooning we felt when we were newly in love? Or is that infatuation? Love can be romantic, but that is mainly infatuation. True love digs deeper, lasts longer. It transcends infatuation, and reaches further than romantic love. True love is caring enough about another to help him or her.

Dedication to the lives of others is central to love. It compels us to sacrifice so that others may benefit. Without these threads of empathy and sympathy, the fabric of civilization would come undone. We depend on it to hold us together.

Love includes family relationships, but is not limited to them. We are drawn to people - relatives or not - for reasons which are not always clear. There is a compatibility we feel for such people, and those relationships sometimes endure.

Humans bonded together in common purpose provide the core units around which we build our families, our friendships, our businesses, our learning endeavors, and our very lives.

The Beatles sang "love is all we need." It isn't all we need, but it is an essential part of our make up as human beings, and a reason we have survived as a species.

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