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Party fills all Congress, Statewide, and State Senate spots for 2014 Election


Austin, TX - December 10, 2013  - Today, the Libertarian Party of Texas announced that it has recruited candidates for every statewide, federal (US Senate and Congress), state senate, and all but one district of the state board of education.


"The final numbers are not in yet, as we have many candidates running at the county level and we are compiling those results.  Needless to say, voters in Texas will see lots of Libertarians on the ballot" said Patrick Dixon, chair at Libertarian Party of Texas. "In addition, most of the races at the statewide level and many others are contested.  Our state convention will be very exciting and competitive."


The party states that Libertarian candidates give voters not a third choice, but the only real choice for Texans from the broken so-called two-party system. "The Democrats and Republicans represent a false choice. The good news is we are seeing that younger voters understand this and we expect a record number of votes from the younger generations in the fall," stated Lauren Daugherty, the party's executive director. "Young people are coming to the realization that the old left-right paradigm is really an illusion of choice, not real choice," she added.


The youth movement is a focus for Libertarians as candidates take part in the convention process, culminating in the state convention April 11-13 at the Frank Mayborn Convention Center in Temple. The featured speaker will be Alexander McCobin, founder of Students for Liberty.


The convention process differs from the two major parties in that the Libertarian Party does not take public funding to decide who the party's nominees will be. "It is just not right to take public money for what is clearly an internal political contest of a private organization," quipped Heather Fazio, the party's membership director.


The Libertarian Party of Texas

Created in 1971 to promote individual and economic liberty as an alternative to the two-party system, the Libertarian Party of Texas became one of the thirteen original founding state parties at the first Libertarian Party convention. Since then, the party has enjoyed rapid growth. In the 2010 election, there were over 150 candidates on the ballot in Texas.


Additional information:


Alexander McCobin, featured speaker at state convention:



Complete listing of Libertarian candidates in Texas: https://www.lptexas.org/candidates

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