Support the FairTax
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During the second presidential debate, Romney said Canada’s tax on businesses is only 15% while that of the US is 35%.  Then he posed the question: “Would you rather start a new business in the US or Canada?”  Then the president agreed with Romney, business taxes should be lower but said he and Romney disagree on how to tweak the income tax code to accomplish this.  Forget the income tax code; replace it with the FairTax!

Adoption of The FairTax would create a period of prosperity unprecedented in American history.  From The FairTax Book; “Economists estimate that in the first year after the FairTax becomes law, the economy will grow by 10.5%, exports will grow by 26% and capital spending will increase by more than 70%.”

But, congresspersons and lobbyists love the tax code: it’s made them rich!  If you have the opportunity, vote for a supporter of The FairTax.
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