Study: At Least 2 Million Texans Qualify for Tax Credit
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More than 2 million Texans are eligible for tax credits to purchase health coverage in the federal insurance marketplace, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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just a post!
November 06, 2013
just something to read and think about...

I’ve got just a few observations to make, and would like for every American, to just take a minute and read this, you won’t be disappointed.

America was founded because some people believed, escape from tyranny and basic human rights were more important than, living according to what a few privileged individuals demanded.

That simple!

Here we are leaning towards the very same tyranny and loss of basic human rights, because times are tough, people are becoming more complacent and lazy in the lives, and those elected positions of trust have been filled with humans who had financial backing to fill those positions, but lacked the character, integrity, and honor to fill a thimble.

This Republic we call America, is being attacked by the very same people that have their hands out, steal, and care nothing for the country that gave them and their elder’s opportunities, that wouldn’t have been realized anywhere else on the planet.

It’s very simple folks, quit looking to the rear, what happened to those we call ancestors, elder’s and descendents of our heritage, is done….there’s nothing any of us can do to rectify wrongs done to any of our ancestors, in fact all of you deep down inside know this, mostly, those who cry foul have no clear understanding of history, but have become victim’s of ignorance, hatred, laziness and reproach, and what is the end result…more of the same for future generations.

America, as a free thinking Republic, has governed itself into the poor house, regulated itself with greed and thievery, justified it’s political correctness with hatred, racism, bigotry, all at the cost of those very same freedom’s and God given liberties, sought after, by those who sacrificed all, so future generations could live with integrity, honor, accountability, respect, and the right to think as we choose.

The problem with humanity, as we know it, is the understanding of individual accountability and the defining of honor, acting with integrity and respecting basic right’s afforded every one of us.

We live not by some piece of paper, not because some elected individual’s deem their thought’s and need’s are above everyone else’s, not because we feel the need to see another as they are, different, from various backgrounds and conditions, no, we live here and are members of this Republic, because there was someone in our past who thought about you and me, they thought we deserved better than they had, they thought that because of their sacrifice’s and losses, we would think before we acted, think of what they acted upon, think as if it effected those not yet born.

So, what happened? This is not how I view the Republic of America today, sadly, we have become a country of haves and have not’s, a country who people care more about what’s in your pocket and what’s in the driveway, rather than what can we do for future family members, what can we do to honor the sacrifices of those who thought of us, rather than reflect on what our individual faults are, most people now incite hatred and division, seldom acting with respect and responsibility, for the society that offer’s us these God given liberties, freedoms, and right’s to choose what we think and do.

In closing, I’d like for you all to think, think about this for a minute…..

Because of the complacency in this country, and the need to trust blindly, American’s have allowed maggots to eat away at these God given liberties and freedoms,

…..most of those who care nothing for individual accountability have opened the door of America to those that care nothing for your ancestor’s sacrifices’,

…..most of you who care nothing for honor have allowed God to be attacked and have never thought of the care He has for this sacred land and its inhabitants,

…..most of you have been blinded by you selfishness and greed, and allowed one called Obama and his anti-American backers to infiltrate our government, in spite of their proven agenda to kill America as we have known it,

…..most of you can’t look in the mirror, for fear of seeing the shame you’ve brought upon your ancestors and family, just to cover up your need to live unaccountable and irresponsibly,

……most of you have no concept of respect, honor or integrity, you think those traits are for everyone around you, and you look down your noses at everyone that speaks the truth,

…..lastly, most of you have no understanding of what power has been given to every true American, and what the term American means, and that is the saddest of all sins in this land, to deny God, deny your heritage, deny that there are liars among us just like Barack Hussein Obama, and his anti-Christian, anti-American gang of sub humans who feel contempt and hatred for American values and those God given freedoms and liberties afforded us all , and paid for with the blood of your ancestors, your mother’s, your father’s, your brother’s, your sister’s, your son’s, your daughter’s….

And you believe there will be no cost for this blasphemy, this disregard for the Constitution of the United States of America, this disrespect for the country that allowed you to speak your minds, however the ignorance you spew…well, you’re dead wrong!
November 06, 2013

and btw.. welcome to the follow state of affairs:

If you like your job, you can keep it. (29 hour work week) If you like your gun, you can keep it. ( still try to take it every day) If you like your cause (Tea Party crimes committed by the IRS), you can keep it. If you like your phone/email privacy (NSA), you can keep it. If you like your safety (Benghazi/Fast and Furious as well as open borders that should have been closed by law), you can keep it. If you like your religion,( obama's push for Muslim) you can keep it. If you like your health insurance coverage/doctor, you can keep it.(ahca) If you like your Freedom, you can keep it. Lie after lie, after lie, after lie, after lie!!!!!!!

I think this about sums up the state of affairs in washington dc.