Stands out like a sore thumb
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In our daily life we constantly use our thumbs and fingers to grasp items. From time to time we may have one of them injured. In using a hammer you or I may carelessly hit one of them. Often it is one of the small fingers, often referred to as one's “pinky.” A thumb is usually quite obvious when a person's hand is open, it stretches out to the side of the hand. An injured thumb may be quite red and swollen considerably. It would be very noticeable!

There is a common expression that something or someone “stands out (or sticks out) like a sore thumb.” This has come to mean that in consideration is different and is noticeable to most everyone. This is why many individuals have the tendency to conform to the dress code or in other ways of society. But there are exceptions to this! For example: in the spring time women like to wear their new clothing. In that respect they may want to be one of the first to wear a new style of clothing. Their desire is to stand out in their new attire.

There are other sayings with similar meaning to the one about a thumb. One in which I am not very familiar with is: “like a mustard pot in a coal scuttle.” The bright yellow color of mustard would be a strong contrast to black coal.

Dub Mowery is a Gospel preacher in the Church of Christ. A native of Southeast Oklahoma, he is the author of Colloquial Sayings & Expressions (Morris Publishing, 2008)

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