So That's What They Meant!
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IT'S EVERYTHING they said it would be. It's joy unbridled. It's a feeling like no other. I've got it as bad as anyone can get it. Ask me about my grandbaby!

Almost two years ago, my granddaughter was born - my only grandchild - Maryann. Wow! What an experience. I'm very lucky that my son and daughter in law make their home within a comfortable driving distance. It was sixty miles round trip for her first year, and has been one hundred eighty miles round trip the second year.

The first year of being a grandparent allowed me to see her weekly, usually Saturday morning. I drove over there most of the time. Because the distance is greater during her second year, the second year has been different. They come over here about once a month, and I go over there about once a month.

Children are born with their own personality, and they show it very early. She has been intensely interested in the things around her since day one. You could tell she was serious about studying her world from an early age. Everyone commented about how intently she studied everything from photographs to electronic devices.

She loves books and loves "reading" the books. For a little one, she has fine motor skills. She carefully turns each page of her books, so as not to tear or harm the page. Of course, there are the cartoons. Her parents prefer the cartoons with learning a key part. She watches Dora the Explorer, where Boots is one of her favorites. She watches Caillou (pronounced "Ki-you"), a little boy who is inexplicably bald.

Watching cartoons with her reminded me of watching them with her Daddy. We watched He-Man, Animaniacs, Thunder Cats, and a host of others. I didn't care for some of them. I'm looking at you, My Little Pony.

She's very determined. When she was learning to walk, she'd come up to me, grab my index fingers - one in each hand - and demand that I walk her around. Then one day she started walking on her own, and took off like she'd be doing it for months.

She's got a good sense of humor. Not quite two, she gets it that some things are funny. She likes to laugh, and she makes funny noises that she knows are entertaining to others.

Maryann is her Mommy's baby girl, and she's Daddy's girl. After it was explained to her that everyone has a daddy, she proclaimed "Daddy BEST daddy!"

She loves learning new things. Her verbal skills are remarkable. She seems to understand basic sentence structure and seldom uses only one word. She links words together nicely.

Hey, I warned you! Look up "doting grandparent," and you'll find my photo as an example.

Every child deserves the good parenting Maryann gets from Annie and James, and the devoted grandparenting she gets from Paw Paw, Mimi, Gigi and Poppa Bear. Here's hoping all little ones get that.
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