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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Mirror Publisher Emerita Sarah Greene’s first column since Jan. 23. Since Jan. 21, she has undergone three operations and had a pacemaker implanted. Two of her operations, one on Feb. 2 and another on March 5, both on her intestinal tract, were life-saving ones. Her surgeon was Dr. Ben Mack.

BEING CONFINED to a one-room suite at Highland Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Longview during recent days has left me “out of the loop” when it comes to news — of the local variety, at least. Twenty-four hour TV news channels and daily newspapers fill in some gaps otherwise. And The Gilmer Mirror, of course, plays an essential role.

One of the important events that I missed was the reunion of Gilmer High School classes of the 1940s. I graduated in 1945 after skipping the first grade. So my age group, and good friends, were members of the Class of 1946.

A highlight of my stay here has been a visit from four of those friends — Lou Ramey Gaw of Marshall, Betty Pankhurst Barrett and Jeannine Wallace Faires of Longview, and Edwina Fulton Harper of Spring.

THESE GIRLS, as they will always be to me no matter how swift the seasons roll, went to a good bit of trouble to locate me, and I appreciated it.

My current health difficulties trace back some weeks to a time when I fell and broke my hip or, more likely, my hip broke and I fell. I am among the millions who are learning that old age has its consequences — not all of them good.

Subscription renewal notices never fail to find me, and I respond in order of their importance. At the top of the list is the New Yorker magazine, which I have taken as long as I can remember.

The April 8 issue has a brief Shouts and Murmurs feature by Paul Rudnick that caught my attention. Titled WonderPlanet, the essay included these gripping paragraphs:

“I believe that childhood is a brief, perfect state of being and so I’ve tried to enclose my family in a shimmering sphere of enchantment, a realm that I call WonderPlanet . . .

“I teach my children that money is like fairy dust, because when we sprinkle it around we can dream and sing and fly. . . and we can bake heart-shaped cookies that we can share with all the other children who aren’t allergic to stone-milled spelt flour, carob chips, whey protein, and smiles.

“SOME PEOPLE have criticized me for not going back to work after my children were born, and for hiring a nanny. But I think of nurturing WonderPlanet as a full-time occupation, and someday I do plan on returning to my career as an advocate for women over forty who still want to grow and maintain waist-length hair.

“In addition, I’ve begun to sell a selection of trademarked WonderPlanet collectibles online, including hand-thrown ceramic mugs inscribed with the mottoes ‘Wander Into Wonder,’ ‘I’m a Stay-at-Home Dreambuilder,’ and ‘End Bullying Today — Buy a Mug.’

“I’m also marketing a line of meadow-dried teas, called Peaseblossom Morn, Smoochberries ‘n’ Yarn, and Private Tutor.”


SARAH GREENE is pictured typing this column.
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Charles L Bloss Jr
June 06, 2013
I share your feelings about not being connected to the internet, it would drive me mad. I like your new columns, and I think you look great in the photo. It is so awesome to read your column once again. You mention that you had a reunion from school that you started in 1946. That was the year I was born, significant to me. Keep getting better, we need you !!
Lee Pribilski
April 20, 2013
Sarah, I am happy to learn you are recovering from your surgeries. My husband is recovering as well from hip replacement plus setbacks!

Always enjoy your Sideglances especially this one-- going to explore Wonder Planet. Also love the photo -- even though our bodies react to life changes we can always feel so much gratitude for exercising our minds! I, too, love writing --my thoughts are many times clearer by this means of expression

Looking forward to more of your thoughts and hope you continue to recover well!

Lee aka Wanda Richards in Gilmer

Jim "Pappy" Moore
April 21, 2013
It's good to see your column return. We have missed you.

My mom is 84. Today I start a five column series about her mother, a frontier school teacher who homesteaded 160 acres in Montana. I hope you'll enjoy it.