Sabre Museum Loss Caused by Dean
by Howard1967
 Sabre Museum Loss Due to Dean
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So I see what people say and what they do in Gilmer are two different things.  Now according to a posting that Mr. Davitto wrote there appears to be fault lying in why the Sabre Museum has bypassed Gilmer.  I'm referring to an article in the Gilmer Mirror on the Sabre Museum.  A copy of Mr. Davitto's posting is shown below from the Gilmer Mirror.  Mr. Davitto points the finger at Steve Dean for causing the loss.  I would like to know more about the meeting and why we loss the Sabre Museum.  What did Dean say that was false?  Moreover, why did Mr. Davitto feel so strongly that he traveled 1600 miles round trip to clear the name of his organization with Gilmer Officials.  He clearly felt so strongly about this matter that he made a huge trip.  So what did Steve Dean do and say that caused this?  Mr. Davitto must have been correct when he approached City Officials as he stated he brought in two brief cases of documents.  No rebuttle has been given to him nor an update by the Gilmer Mirror.  Something is always smelling wrong in Gilmer and the public is starting to ask questions, whether it is our police, probabtion officers, sheriff, county judge or in this case Steve Dean.  My goodness, why is it so hard to carry on normal business in Gilmer without Gilmer looking like it is run by the mob?  So who can elaborate on this meeting?  This would be an excellent follow-up story for the Gilmer Mirror so why have you not covered it? 


« Peter B. Davitto wrote on Monday, Jul 04 at 05:57 PM »

Dear Mr. Jones,

I read your comments and I thank the Lord that we Americans are free to express our opinions and beliefs. Our incredible Military labors daily to protect and preserve this, our 1st Amendment right. Had you attended the Gilmer City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 28th, you would have heard me tell your City Officials that your local boy, Steve Dean was responsible for us leaving your fair city and he is the reason we are searching for a new location. Had you been at the May 24th City Council meeting you would have heard your Steve Dean falsify in public statements about us. Two of his false statements appear in the article above. He was untruthful in the May 24th meeting time and time again. I brought 2 brief cases of documents last Tuesday, documentary proof that what he said was false. His prevarications were wrong and, in my humble opinion, only meant to deceive your City Officials.

We were maligned by your Steve Dean and I made the 1,600 miles round
trip to Gilmer to clear our good name. We believe I did that and I came home with my head held high. You sir and the good people of Gilmer have your Steve Dean to scoff at for your loss of our F-100 Museum.

On this July 4th - Happy Birthday America.

Peter B.“Pete” Davitto

Clarkesville, Georgia

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« wayne jones wrote on Sunday, Jul 03 at 09:35 PM »

Looks like these Retired upper brass's like to throw their weight around to let other entities do their work for them and then wear their shiny brass to dedications to take credit for the projects. I duly respect all retires of our greatest on earth military,but some always try walking on water. I'm glad they were sent home without their ice cream and cake.

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July 22, 2011
Thank God this guy didnt get the county judge position and the commissioners did not elect him. Funny business here and then did he not run the lumber mill into the ground and the government shut it down for pollution?
Robbing Hood
July 18, 2011
So why did Steve Dean need an attorney to simply ask the City to withdraw its sponsorship? From the news article it sounds like he stretched the story he was telling the City and then in withdrawing his actions did not have the moral fortitude to admit what he did. Dean asked for local funding, land, etc. Yet the Friends of the Sabre only needed the City to sponsor a request of a loan of a plane from the Air Force because Dean did not have the proper certification to do it on his own through the Flight of the Phoenix Museum. Now I'm not a lawyer and I sure didn't go to a City meeting with one, but it sounds like someone got caught trying to stick their hand in the taxpayers cookie jar.