SYRIA – What happened to the “Majority Rule Principle”?
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Regarding who has the final authority: Does our Constitution really allow for one person, the president, to decide if our country goes to war or not? If it does, what makes us any different now, than when we fought for our independence from having a king being able to make such a decision? Haven’t we learned anything about the finiteness of mankind in our fallen natural state? What about the “majority rule principle”?

Regarding America being the “moral authority” in the world: Does our Constitution really allow for the murdering of innocent children, whether it is by means of a chemical or surgical knife? Aren’t the numbers of daily aborted innocent children in America outnumbering the innocent children killed in Syria by far? Has the “majority worldview” in America shifted?

Regarding the kind of nation America is: Does our Constitution and other “Founding Fathers” documents really state, directly or indirectly that we are not a Judeo-Christian Nation? If they do indicate that the Judeo-Christian worldview was the majority, then why have we allowed our president to state to the world that we are not? Do we even govern anymore by the “majority rule” principle; much less, form our laws by the Judeo-Christian worldview?

Regarding joining sides with a “Moslem Majority Ruled Nation” that has terrorist groups assisting the “Rebel Forces”: Doesn’t it make common sense “not to become unequally yoked with unbelievers”, or is there any difference between us and them anymore?

K. L. “Kenny” Kammer
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