SHAME on Superintendent and School Board by steve.jones1965
Shame on you!
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by steve.jones1965
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Shame Shame

 Just learned Mr. Buchanan will not be here next year for the elementary school. Supposedly, it is because of budget reason. BULL! Here is the real story.

 Albritton had already promised, verbally , the job to someone else. BUT the hiring committee chose Mr. Buchanan over his selection. This not only made him furious he also had to create a position for this person at an extra expense. This PERSON, coincidently, has 2 above average football sons. Now that the budget crisis has hit he has to eliminate some positions. Perfect to get his way by going with the person he wanted all along and getting rid of Mr. Buchanan. Now Albritton ( who is the highest paid 3A superintendent in the state making $230,000 a year with perks, has a background as a CPA and has NEVER been a principal) is getting rid of the best principal I ( and many others ) have every worked for. He has changed this school 180 degrees from what it had been. We feel appreciated, the kids enjoy coming to school, attendance is up, discipline is down and he is firm but fair no matter what race or economical background you come from. THIS IS A SHAME! The good ol' boy network is still alive and kicking in Gilmer. Remember this when our school board ( which is supposed to be looking out for the best interest of our kids ) come up for re-election!!!!!! No this is not my real name.  Everyone knows if you dissagree with Albritton he makes it a personal vendetta to get you.


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Ex teacher at elem
June 30, 2011
So thankful to be out of this corrupt upper administration. Albritton- not sur where you got your leadership skills except you never made a decision on your on. Glad to be back in Houston . Community wake up!! He is a false prophet !!