Region 7 to Host Conference on Safe Discipline Techniques for Parents, Teachers
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KILGORE, TX—Disciplining children can be a challenging task for many parents and even educators for a variety of reasons, but it’s not an impossible one. And the federal programs department at Region 7 Education Service Center wants to help show area parents and teachers how disciplining children can become less daunting and more rewarding through its Sixth Annual Conscious Discipline for Parents Conference.

Region 7 will host the conference on October 29 from 8:15 am to 2:15 pm at the Education Service Center located at 1909 N. Longview Street in Kilgore. The conference is free for those who would like to attend, and the registration deadline is October 25. To register for the conference, parents and educators may call 903.988.6700.

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive program that is designed for parents who are faced with the daily challenges of raising children and for teachers who struggle with managing discipline in the classroom, both of which can oftentimes be overwhelming.

Utilizing major components such as the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults, the Seven Skills of Discipline, The Connected Family and The School Family, the program provides parents and educators with the conscious awareness and skills needed to create safe, connected, problem-solving homes and schools.

Region 7’s director of federal programs, Cinda Farrell, said the conference is a great way for participants to gain valuable resources and knowledge that lead to successful discipline.

“This conference allows us to bring experts in the field directly to our parents and schools so they can gain the tools they need first-hand at no cost to them,” said Farrell. “In addition to highlighting ineffective behavioral patterns that can prevent success, this program serves as a 3-in-1 powerhouse by allowing parents and educators to learn how to discipline children so that they become self-disciplined, improve their relationships with adults and peers, and become successful in a career.”

This year’s conference will feature guest speakers Donna Porter and DJ Batiste who are products of the Conscious Discipline transformation. Porter has implemented the Conscious Discipline skills in her role as an educator over the last 10 years. The pair will share their story in how Porter helped former student Batiste turn his life around through positive discipline.

“Conference participants will have the opportunity to meet our guest speakers who are living proof that the Conscious Discipline program can work,” said Farrell.

In addition to the featured speakers, representatives from other parent organizations and advocacy groups will be present at the conference to provide additional resources for parents and teachers.

One such organization is the Partners Resource Network (PRN), which operates the Texas statewide network of Parent Training and Information Centers (PTI’s) supporting federally funded programs that provide training, education, information, referral, emotional support, and individual assistance in obtaining appropriate services for parents. Jennifer Everett, a PRN regional coordinator for the PATH Project, will attend the conference and said it is important to utilize positive disciplinary techniques so that children lead healthier and more successful lives.

“When a child feels comfort, inclusion and acceptance by teachers and peers, they are more likely to exhibit positive behaviors,” she said. “A child will be more willing to embrace a teacher’s direction and will be more willing to engage in healthy age-appropriate relationships if appropriate disciplinary action is taken.”

Everett also said this conference can help bridge the gap between the school and home in providing positive discipline for students.

“The number one concern or fear parents have is their child being punished for their behavior without support being in place at school,” she said. “Parents want their children to be successful in an educational setting with peers and teachers, as well as to be able to have the emotional strength to become productive citizens. At this conference, parents can expect to gain more confidence in learning how to create structure for their children so that they function responsibly across all settings.”

Farrell said she encourages both parents and teachers to register for the event.

“Research shows that discipline has a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn and to be successful, and discipline takes place both at home and at school,” said Farrell. “We all need to have a positive approach into how we handle behavioral problems so that our students are more productive and successful at home and at school. This conference will teach participants not only how to achieve that approach, but will also allow parents and educators to network together to see how it can be successfully implemented both at home and in school.”

For more information about the conference, please contact Region 7 Special Education Specialist Susan Lay at 903.988.6700. To learn more about the Conscious Discipline program, please visit

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