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New Book Provides Roadmap for Modern Movement Conservatives

Wilmington, DE — Don Devine, a longtime adviser to Ronald Reagan, lays out a powerful case for the philosophical synthesis of freedom and tradi­tion that Reagan said was the essence of modern conservatism. The secret of America’s success, he shows, has been the Constitution’s capacity to harmonize the twin ideals of freedom and tradition. But today, pro­gressivism has so corrupted modern political thinking—in both parties—that leaders keep calling for the same failed tactics: more money poured into more big-government programs.

In the new book AMERICA’S WAY BACK; Reclaiming Freedom, Tradition, and Constitution (ISI Books, June 17, 2013), Devine not only reveals where things went wrong, and why, but also points the way to reclaiming America’s freedom, prosperity, and creativity. The solution lies in a new “fusion” of traditional and libertarian thought.

Devine debunks the common view that marrying the two is noth­ing more than political calculation. He shows that without a deep philosophical commitment to harmonizing freedom and tradition, neither of these ideals can long survive.

In making the case for twenty-first-century fusionism, AMERICA’S WAY BACK updates the insights of Frank Meyer, the theorist Reagan specifically credited with “fashioning a vigorous synthesis of traditional and libertarian thought.” Devine shows that, just as the fusionism of Meyer and William F. Buckley Jr. led to the conservative revival in the 1960s, a new harmony between free­dom and tradition will revive America today.

“The solution for the modern GOP . . . Provides plenty of intellectual ammunition

for the modern conservative movement.” —Senator Rand Paul

“Both enjoyable and compelling. Informed by the insights of James Madison, Adam Smith, and Alexis de Tocqueville—and William F. Buckley Jr., Frank Meyer, and Ronald Reagan—Devine shows how we can recover what we have lost. America’s Way Back is an intellectual journey to be savored.” —Mark Levin, nationally syndicated radio host

Donald J. Devine: The Washington Post called him “Reagan’s Terrible Swift Sword of the Civil Service” when he served as President Reagan’s Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, cutting bureaucrats and reducing billions in spending. He is a Vice Chairman of the American Conservative Union and a Senior Scholar at The Fund for American Studies.. For nearly a quarter of a century he was a professor of government, politics and Western civilization, teaching at the University of Maryland and Bellevue University. He is author of seven other books, a writer, and an Adjunct Scholar at The Heritage Foundation.

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