Proposed tax hike on county agenda
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Upshur County Commissioners Court is scheduled to decide Friday on approving a controversial 4.21-cent increase in the county tax rate, and what is so far an $11 million budget, for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

The court faces an 18-item agenda at its 9 a.m. regular semi-monthly meeting on the third floor of the county courthouse.

The proposed tax hike has come under fire from several citizens at two recent public hearings. But only one of the court’s five members, Pct. 2 Comm. Cole Hefner, voted beforehand to oppose recommending it, and while he has held firm in opposition, the court’s other members have not indicated they have changed their minds about supporting it.

It would raise the county’s tax rate from the current 47.01 cents per $100 valuation to 51.22 cents. County Judge Dean Fowler has said the hike would pay off the county’s debt and put it on a cash basis.

The 51.22-cent rate would be 3.35 cents above the “effective tax rate”—the amount needed to generate the same amount of revenue the county raised this fiscal year. A higher rate would be needed to generate the same revenue because mineral valuations in the county declined.

Among other items on Friday’s agenda are discussing action regarding funding of county retirement—which has been another controversial issue—and considering a request by the Upshur County Emergency Services District to have the Sheriff’s Office take over the district’s dispatching on fire calls.
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Jason B
September 29, 2012
Oh quit whining. If you don't like your job or do not like what it is becoming "YOU ARE NOT FORCED TO WORK THERE." GO AND FIND ANOTHER JOB! You are working there because you have been milking a good opportunity. No one is giving out benefits like Gilmer and that is why this is a SMART idea to cut the benefits. I believe that half of you could be cut and the remaining half would probably produce more work than all of your are currently putting out, because that half would start working. By the way, you are NOT A BUSINESS. You are Upshur County Employees. If you were in a business, you would have been cut in pay and benefits long ago like everyone in business has already experienced. Your not living in reality, your living in Upshur County and working for Upshur County - that is the problem. Just look at the so called "elected" leadership. Most are people that could not get paying jobs anywhere else. Some have higher education yet resort to doing jobs that a person with a high school diploma could do. That's the real reason most people fight so hard to get re-elected to the little positions there - there has been too much easy pay and benefits for lackluster individuals with no personal motivation.
Jason B
September 29, 2012
By the way, this posting was addressed to "Concerned Too," but their posting does not allow a reply. I guess you are a Democratic and Obamanomics supporter since you appear to hold dear and close your belief in "ENTITLEMENT." This thinking is why the United States is in the toilet right now. Over half of the population is on some form of government assistance. Step up and voice your opinion, why do you coward down? Maybe this is the same reason as to why you do not leave employment in Upshur County and find yourself another job for which you are "qualified" for. You are not forced to work for Upshur County. Upshur County jobs are an easy ride for most. If the county employees have not had a raise in SEVEN YEARS, as you say, then perhaps Upshur County is simply saying to all of you that you are damn lucky to have a job and the job you are doing is not worth any more than they are paying you. Only a failure would stay in such a job.
That figures
September 27, 2012
Well, it looks like we are going to get taxed with out a vote... unfair representation, that is what it is...

Plus the faith is also controled by two lame ducks...

But, again that is what happens when people keep long term people in office... and re-elect re-runs, mismanagers, party jumpers... all these facts are true..

One of the lame ducks complains about county employees have not had a raise, while questioning the mission of another.... but, yet voted him self a raise and has not been willing to give any of it back..

Humm .. wonder way the paper, has not put this story to print.. guess they are tied in with the local party jumpers, mismangers, and re-runs...

concerned too
September 29, 2012
the employees haven't had a raise in SEVEN years!!

They want to cut the retirement to below ANY other county in the state of Texas......what you might get in a few dollars on your check you LOSE in retirement when you really need it....

I just don't understand why no one steps up... I believe its because they are afraid they would loose their job....

Look what bread and gasoline was seven years ago.... Most ALL UCE are paid below the poverty rate.... 22K a year.... 3 peopel in the household the poverty rate is 19090 per

Yes we need a tax hike but for more reasons than just balancing the budget!!! What is your best accent in business? Your Employees!