Powerful essay
By an admittedly powerless person
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Sometimes anonymous Internet posters say it best, although, of course, the National Security Agency and its numerous private contractors can find out immediately who wrote this should they want to do so. They were probably watching even as he or she typed it online.

“They have the power over us.

“They can do whatever they want, whenever they want. And they can do it to you, or do it to me, without fear of retribution.

“They have no honor, no respect for us, no principles, other than their naked, narrow self-interest. They hold us in open contempt, and sneer at our protests.

“They are everywhere, in every position of power and authority, from the local level all the way to the top. They have rigged the game against us, and have the means to play God with our lives.

“The world belongs to them. Rules for normal people don’t apply to them. Because they aren’t normal. They are above us. Far, far above us.

“They have created and continue to maintain a game, a game that is ‘pay to play.’ You pay upfront, you pay every step of the way, you pay every day of your life. They reward you for stabbing your fellow human beings in the back, and punish you for daring to refuse to comply with their orders. But it’s not a game. Not to us. Not to those who have no hope or desire of ever becoming one of them.

“Their voice, that cold, sharp, deathly voice, is disgusting to most of us—but not all. No—-to some of us, their voice is seductive, alluring, just what we want to hear. And so those of us who respond positively to their voice, are willing to follow that voice to the end, in exchange for some sort of power and security, even if short-lived.

“As for the rest of us...well, we all are in direct competition with each other just to survive. They—those with the power—they smugly claim that their way is the only way, that it is the way we have always been, and any attempts to check their power are dangerous, subversive, traitorous, radical. But many of us know better. So we take comfort in the knowledge that we are on the right side of history, justice, and humanity—even as we pay the price for taking a stand.

“The haves vs the have nots, the oppressors vs the oppressed, those with power and authority vs those without it....that’s what this is. Everything else is immaterial and beside the point.

“But just remember this: they wish to be our masters forever, and are doing everything they can to ensure that that happens. The question is: What are we going to do about that—if anything?”
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