Pool Safety Consultant Offers Free Ebook to the World
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Malaga, Spain, April 28th, 2013.


Pool Safety Consultant Offers Free Ebook to the World


There really is no better way to cool  off, relax, have fun and get some exercise than by swimming, but the incredible number of pool deaths and other accidents indicates that Safety and planning ahead are vitally important.  Many parents don’t consider drowning to be a realistic threat to the lives of their children.  The following few words might change their minds: - “A swimming pool is 14 times more likely than a motor vehicle to be involved in the death of a child age 4 and under”.  (Orange County Fire Authority, California)


On average 10 people a day drown in the USA; most of them in private pools, spas or other water hazards in the home such as play-pools, ponds, bathtubs and even buckets. Drowning rates are up to 200 times higher in some developing countries. For every person who dies from drowning 5 more are hospitalized for 'immersion accidents'. Some of those children suffer permanent brain damage, ranging from partial immobility to Total Vegetative State and brain death, with the victim needing lifelong 24/7 care.


Thousands of other people suffer infections, accidents, falls, cuts and scrapes, chemical burns and electrocution 50 different Safety subjects, and what you can do to protect yourself and family, are covered in The Pool Safety Bible, a newly-published, FREE Ebook written by Swimming Pool Safety expert Ken Walker. It is intended to empower parents (particularly mothers), carers and guardians and attack drowning statistics at the grass-roots. The Ebook is available for all platforms including laptops, PCs, tablets, mobiles and Kindle.


Walker says, “Planning ahead is an essential part of Pool Safety. Most accidents around water are predictable and therefore preventable to some degree - all it takes is some education and some forward planning. Any child could drown in a bathtub but could every parent administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation? Now anyone can learn CPR for free, online, from links within the Ebook. Many people are pool-owners nowadays and many of those that don't have their own pools probably swim in a public or private pool from time to time, or they may live near open water such as a canal, the ocean, a river, garden pond or lake. The Pool Safety Bible helps everyone to protect their family and to save lives in an Emergency.”


Stuffed with tips, information and ideas on how to make a pool the safest place it can possibly be without actually filling it in, it contains vital info, links to CPR videos, ideas on how to raise the money for a Pool Fence or other Safety Equipment when you're flat broke, what to check around the resort or villa pool when you go on holiday, advice for babysitters, what to do in an Emergency and lots more. 


The Number One root-cause of accidental child fatalities of all kinds (except congenital birth defects) is Shallow Water Blackout (SWB), yet most people have never even heard of it.  In simple terms SWB is when a swimmer suddenly faints underwater.  No exact figures are available but some official sources in the USA attribute over 50% of all drowning accidents to SWB, which makes it the single most common cause of accidental death among children world wide.


Swimming ability is no protection against Shallow Water Blackout; it can and does happen to the most experienced of swimmers, even professional swimmers, regardless of their health or age, both in pools and in open water. SWB can be caused by taking several deep breaths (Hyperventilating) before swimming a length underwater or 'trying to beat-your-own-record for holding your breath underwater'.


SWB occurs when low levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO²) in the body, combined with low levels of Oxygen, cause a swimmer to faint.  If the casualty is not rescued immediately they will drown within a couple of minutes.


Hyperventilation artificially lowers the body's CO² levels. With artificially low levels of CO² the 'BREATHE NOW!' reflex is suppressed and unconsciousness occurs instantly when the swimmer's Oxygen level falls below a certain threshold. SWB can occur without warning, to any swimmer, regardless of their age, ability or level of experience. Many victims are strong, fit swimmers who have not previously experienced this problem. Therefore; everyone who uses a pool, especially kids, should be informed about the dangers of hyperventilation.  Hyperventilation, holding of breath, or seeing who can swim furthest underwater must be strongly discouraged.


“Three-quarters of drowning victims are missing for under 5 minutes,” says Walker, “and were not seen near the water before the accident. 62% of parents whose child has drowned in a private pool end their marriages in acrimonious divorce due partly to ‘blame and guilt’ issues and over 80% of families feel the need to move house after a death in their backyard pool.”


The Pool Safety Bible can be downloaded free from www.smashwords.com or, for a few cents for a Kindle version, from www.amazon.com.



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