Parents should be considerate
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Going out to eat can be so much fun. Going out to eat with a small child can be an adventure. My baby is only nine months old but I have already learned, when you go out to eat, you need a game plan.


You have to make sure you have your survival kit ready. Some people refer to this as a baby bag. You must pack a couple of toys to entertain the baby and a couple more because the baby will drop all the toys on the ground no matter how close you are watching. Baby wipes or towels because the baby will make a mess no matter how careful you are. I also suggest sound cancelling headphones because the baby is going to scream at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. However, I have learned that people stare at you when you wear them.


You also have to scope out the location before your hostess seats you. I do not know why they always try to seat our family in the middle of a crowded restaurant. I have learned to ask for a seat in the back, out of the way. I do this for the other patrons because I know a crying baby can ruin their meal.


I wish more parents would be this considerate. I recently took my son, Caesar, for his flu shot. There was a young parent with her son who appeared to be two going on three. He ran up to my stroller and tried to push it around the waiting room, hitting my foot in the process. The mother remained silent. He then ran up to another child and proceed to hit her on her hips and tried pulling up her shirt. The mother remained silent. He moved chairs, screamed and tried to grab on every child there.


I didn’t know what to say or do. Actually, I didn’t know the proper thing to say. I wanted to ask her to please control her child. My husband elected to hold Caesar and stand up to keep our child out of harms way.


Another mother walked in with a newborn in a car seat and a toddler. The active little boy ran up to them and tried to take the boys toys. Up to this point everyone in the room had just remained silent and gave glaring looks. The mother of two said to the active boy in a very stern voice, “No sir, you need to go back over there to your mother.” She also took the little boys hands off her son and did a shooing gesture.


The mother of the active child continued to smile and called his name and said, “do you want a spank spank?” The way she said it, a spank spank didn’t sound like anything anyone would want to avoid.


I’m not exaggerating this story and it was really quite more horrible than I describe.  I wanted to say something but at the same time I did not think I should have to. I do not understand why this mother just allowed her child to run around the waiting room terrorizing children and adults.


Afterwards when my husband and I were discussing the situation he described the boy as being the worst behaved boy he had ever seen. I replied, nope that was the worst parenting he had ever seen.


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