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"It is true that vocations help man to develop. But it is equally necessary to develop vocations."(A. SAINT-EXUPERY. Wind, Sand and Stars)

The choice of profession is a future project. It is important to know what you want and have courage to look for it. Man's capacity is limited. Doing something effectively requires focusing on something concrete until acquire operative habits. We are not generally effective. We have efficiency into a particular field. Profession requires specialization: it is necessary to be expert in something to be efficient and successful.

There are a lot of professions, but we must choose only one. The right choice that is made in its initiation (profession and workplace) is critical to the performance of professional life. It is understood not only from an economic viewpoint but also from the satisfaction or personal development. The social development degree of the individual also influences in the choice of work. In a society that needs increasing levels of knowledge and cultural preparation, if the family does not prevent that need, it will limit the opportunities of its components.

Every profession has proper characteristics that we need to know to check their adaptation with personal skills. If we execute activities within the field of own qualities, it will be most likely to succeed professionally. Individual choice of a job is determined by many factors: education, vocational training, personal dedication, consistency in effort, demand for generic activities or specific jobs within each period of life and the condition to mobility of work, not only companies but also for the city.

The success in work is connected with character and individual abilities: adaptation between skills and tasks. If we have abilities for work, the performance, in proportion to the effort, will be greater than if we had not those skills. Personal interest in the daily work also plays an important role, because if interest does not exist, even having skills to do it, nothing will be started. Sometimes the interest and enthusiasm are more important than the skills for professional performance.

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