Opponent Says Senator Cornyn Violates Oath of Office and U.S. Constitution
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Senator Cornyn Violates Oath of Office and U.S. Constitution
Austin, Texas – February 14, 2014 – Lt Col Reid Reasor (Ret) calls for Senator John Cornyn’s immediate resignation over his numerous violations to his oath of office resulting in the illegal removal of our inalienable Bill of Rights.
Lieutenant Colonel Reid Reasor, USAF (Ret), calls for the immediate resignation of Senator John Cornyn for his violations to his oath of office.  Senator John Cornyn failed to support and defend the United States Constitution when he illegally and consistently acted to take our inalienable Bill of Rights, specifically our 4th, 6th and 10th Amendments, bypassing the mandatory state ratification process demanded by Article V of the supreme law of the land.
Senator John Cornyn did willingly violate his oath of office by illegally nullifying the 4th Amendment, and then voting to take America’s privacy by funding Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Select Committee on Intelligence legislation authorizing the construction of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) vast illegal domestic spying program, building over 500 intelligence fusion centers on U.S. soil.  These fusion centers illegally collect cell phone and landline phone calls, email traffic, text messages, social media traffic and radio signals, as well as other classified means to penetrate the privacy of U.S. citizens in their homes.
Senator John Cornyn did willingly violate his oath of office by illegally voting for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that removes our inalienable 6thAmendment right to a speedy trial and empowered the federal government to indefinitely detain American citizens without a warrant or probable cause for suspected “terror” activity. These detention powers can be exercised from any executive agency, such as the IRS, DHS, DOJ or even HHS, under the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act (ACA). The detaining forces are not required to be under the command or oversight of the Department of Defense, Congress nor any state or local law enforcement agency.
Senator John Cornyn did willingly violate his oath of office by voting for cloture to fund the ACA, violating numerous provisions in our U.S. Constitution by taking vast powers from the States, bypassing the required ratification process and establishing federal authority far beyond the permissible enumerated powers.  This new federal authority included the creation of a domestic healthcare armed ready reserve military force under the command of the Surgeon General, who answers to the civilian authority, the HHS Secretary, in accordance with Section 5210 of the Public Health Service Act.
Senator John Cornyn did willingly violate his oath of office by participating in, and failing to stop by arrest or police intervention, the illegal U.S. Senate floor vote to yield our inalienable 2nd Amendment rights to United Nations control.  By bringing the vote to the floor, Senator Reidand all who voted for the provisioncommitted treason and should be arrested and tried.  However, those who voted against the provision still participated and failed in their oaths to uphold lawful constitutional processes demanded by Article V ratification, and have set an illegal precedent that the Senate now has the power to vote away our national sovereignty and our inalienable Bill of Rights; the Senate has no power to do either.
Senator Cornyn’s voting record is standing proof of several U.S. Constitutional oath violations, and therefore honor demands his immediate resignation or arrest on Texas soil for grave violations to the republic. 

The U.S Constitution is not a list of suggestions or guidelines for debate or different measures in “tactics”; it is the supreme law of the land, paid for in blood.  Those who violate the law should not serve in the federal government.

Reid D. Reasor, Lt Col (Ret) USAF
U.S. Senate Candidate (R) Texas
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David Sundin
February 15, 2014
If this is the kind of reasoning that Mr. Reasor will bring to the senate, it's best that he not be allowed within 1000 miles of Washington.