New book makes case that United States is destined for similar destruction as ancient israel
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New Book makes case that United States is destined for similar destruction as ancient israel. Investigates the philosophical Decline of western culture; only a return to the objective truths of the hebrew bible gives hope to not repeat history.


THE OBJECTIVE BIBLE: Western Civilization’s Struggle for Philosophic Liberation from a Herd-Mentality and Pagan Mysticism

is Roy Barzilai’s first book.

Tel Aviv, March 10, 2014. DibrahPublishing announced today the release of a provocative book that traces the philosophy and psychology that has driven the worldviews fundamental to Western politics and culture—leading to its most vaunted accomplishments and its most wretched atrocities.

The Objective Bible is written by Roy Barzilai, who investigates the evidence that the United States is repeating the mistakes of Ancient Israel that resulted in its split in the tenth century BCE. Turning away from the objective ethics of their biblical heritage, the Jewish people gradually lost their sovereignty and declined precipitously. Will the divide between conservative Libertarians and biblical Christians on the Right and the socialist-democratLeft doom the United States to the same fate?

Barzilai has insightfully synthesized the philosophical, religious, and psychological components of these worldviews. From the intricate operations of the human brain to the grand patterns of cultural activity that span centuries, he reveals a fascinating and often times disturbing process. He applies the latest theories of neuroscience and socionomics to the perennial questions of why and how mankind slides again and again into the trance of mysticism and the blind following of tyrannical governments that strip individuals of their liberties.

What many people fail to see,” says author Roy Barzilai, “is that these devastating patterns of beliefs and behaviors are functioning all around us today. The dismissal of biblical monotheism and its brilliant objectivity has propelled even the modern academic world into a morass of destructive mysticism.”

The book draws the intelligent reader into a sweeping historical review of Western philosophy and theology, as well as an incisive evaluation of human brain functioning that ultimately equips us to understand these complex issues. The greatest hope for breaking the spell of destructive crowd-mentalities is to recognize the symptoms and the causes of both our best and our worst capabilities as humans. Genuine understanding is the key to genuine liberty and the best hope for breaking the bonds of destruction in human culture.

This 280-page book has been released first in Kindle format to with the paperback forthcoming, Spring, 2014. The cost of the Kindle eBook is $9.99.

From Dibrah Publishing:

In the philosophic lineage of Ayn Rand, Roy Barzilai brings his consummate passion and intellect to the objective review of historical philosophy. Like Rand, he challenges readers to examine their premises and to recognize their individual power to create and change their lives and the ways of the world.”

About the Author:

Roy Barzilai is an independent scholar, who studied both Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, and Rivka Schechter’s philosophy of language, rooted in the Hebrew Bible. As a financial analyst for over a decade, Roy became aware of the herd mentality in financial markets. He studied the Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the new science of Socionomics, focusing on how change in social mood affects society, its ideas, philosophy, culture, and economy, and is thus the engine of history.

Roy holds undergraduate degrees from Tel Aviv University in law, accounting, and computer science.


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