New GHS facility needed
It is our obligation to future generations
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For 63 years our High School building has served our students, faculty, staff and community well. In our opinion, the time is now right for our school district and community to build a new high school facility as we prepare to provide educational opportunities for our young people during the next 60 years.

The cost for funding through a bond issue at this time has never been lower, and the forecast of future interest rates is indicative of significantly higher rates in the near term. For us, however, our affirmation of the recommendation of our Board of Trustees is not due to the availability of bonds with low interest rates, but because we believe our present generation has an obligation to provide facilities conducive to a positive environment for educational opportunities just as our parents and grandparents made available for us in 1951.

Annette enjoyed the benefit of good school campuses during all 12 years at GISD. On the other hand, I had the great fortune of being accepted into Gilmer High School at a time when my home community, Ore City, did not provide grades 9 - 12. I am forever indebted to GISD and the citizens of Gilmer for the educational opportunity afforded me. In addition, we are humbled by the preparation for college success and the rich educational experiences that our sons, Frank and John, enjoyed.

Finally, it is our hope that our community will join together in support of construction of a new high school campus and affirm the leadership of our Board of Trustees.

Frank and Annette Breazeale, Gilmer
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October 27, 2013
The truth is what you need to look at.

Th county, as well as the city info structure is very shakie to say the least. Seems like every time some new opens in this town, three to six months later it CLOSES UP.

There has not been NO NEW INDUSTRIES located in how many years. Yes you got rob roy, which can not keep hardly any one employed, as they are always trying to hirer some one. This should tell you what kind of sweat shop they run.

Then you have the run away appraisal district.. That vote them selves raise, while you own county employees go with out! The roads are patched half ass, and are getting worse every day. Illegals are taking over.

But it is like every thing that goes on in Gilmer and the county. They both spend money on foolish things instead of building infrastructure, attracting jobs, helping and promoting the small business owner in this town.

But they choose to spend 2 million on football..

I will be voting NO for the new school. This town and it cronies need to learn.. A new school by it self does not make it a want to be place to live!

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