Names are Interesting
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I have a boss named Moose. I kid you not. His real name is Miguel. He will not tell me how he got the nickname Moose. I like it. I actually feel funny calling him Miguel. Our team at work is referred to as Team Moose. It makes me feel strong.


I have a lot of nicknames. I was named after my grandmother, Maria Lucy. She always called me MaLu. My uncle called me Lulu and it stuck. All throughout grade school I was called Lulu.  Now whenever someone calls me Lulu, I know they know me from Pittsburg.


Most of my family and friends from El Paso call me Mary Lou and that got shorten to Mary. So when people call me Mary, I know they know me from El Paso. Recently on facebook someone called me Mary. One of my Pittsburg friends was perplexed because they only knew me by Maria. I have too many names; Maria, Mary, Mary Lou, Lulu, and MaLu. It is too late to go back.


I wonder how people get funny nicknames. I know a guy with a nickname of Wal-Mart and another with the name of Bread. A former boss of mine nickname was Pineapple. I can not imagine how they get these names.


I wonder what my son, Caesar’s, nickname will be. I am taking suggestions. I have a fear they will call him Pizza because of Little Caesar’s Pizza. I hope not. I named him Caesar after my grandfather, who was a strong willed man. He lost his arm during an accident and nearly died. He continued to work hard all his life. He lost his arm in the mid 1920s. They did not have home health care or therapy back then. He taught himself how to drive a stick shift, chop wood, hunt, and learn how to thrive with one arm. My son having a nickname of Pizza just doesn’t seem appropriate.


I think names are very important. Whether it be a real name or a nickname. I have life long friends and I do not know how they got their names. I guarantee you there are some interesting stories behind people’s names.


Next time you are chatting with a friend, ask them how they got their name. I think it will make a very interesting story.


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Kaneisha Nash-Boone
October 28, 2012
This was a great story!