NTCCC professor discovers revolutionary formula for better grades in college
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NTCCC professor discovers revolutionary formula for better grades in college

     A Northeast Texas Community College professor made a startling discovery this week that has the potential to change the lives of millions of college students around the world. Dr. Shirley Clay, NTCC Professor of Psychology, recently completed a 25-year study of reading comprehension scores in a general psychology course and found that students’ reading abilities have declined over the years. Her findings revealed two factors that drastically improve student success rates in the classroom: showing up for class and studying.
     ”I’m really surprised that researchers haven’t figured this out sooner. The results are very mind blowing,” Dr. Clay said.
     The study confirmed that students who attended class regularly and who studied the assigned material for at least three hours per week were more successful than 99.9% of their peers. Students who practiced both behaviors on a consistent basis not only scored higher on tests, but were also more involved in student activities and were more likely to stay in school.
     ”The concept of showing up for class and studying the course material may seem simple, but we tend to see a sharp decline in both behaviors after spring break,” Dr. Clay said.
     Dr. Clay will present her research before a panel of faculty members from colleges and universities across the nation next month at the National Convention for Obvious Psychological Studies (NCOPS). Her work has already been accepted to be published in several journals.
    “There are many strategies out there for success in college, but it really boils down to two simple concepts. Just show up for class prepared to learn and do the assigned work that the teacher gives you. This is an almost fool-proof way to make better grades and be more engaged in college,” Dr. Clay said.
     Dr. Clay did point out that her study is completely fictional and that this story is an April Fools Day joke. However, her tips remain valid: GO TO CLASS AND STUDY TO MAKE BETTER GRADES. If you need additional information about how to study, contact Dr. Clay at sclay@ntcc.edu or sign up for Psychology 1300 (Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success). This course is no April Fools joke – it is really very valuable for many students who want to be more successful in college.
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