My letter to the IRS
by Calvin_Monasco
 I refuse to put my family on the street.
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Please reopen my offer in compromise do to unusual circumstances leading my failure to provide the information requested by your office within the time period that you had expected. I will provide in this mailing an explanation along with dated documentation which will prove these circumstances as factual.

Unusual circumstances that caused me to be late replying to IRS:

Please excuse my grammer. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and reading and righten aint my thang but ill beat ur but in rithmetic. OK anyway I was incarcerated in the Upshur County jail on 11/30/11 for a time of not less than 120 days with no bond and no chance of good behavior unless I had a cashiers check or money order delivered to plaintiffs attorney Barry Wallace in the amount of 8.300 and some odd dollars to cover plaintiffs attorney fees on contempt charges for allowing my son to live with me for 8 days past the 30 day deadline to enforce a mandate brought upon me by Judge Lauren Parish in the CorUpshur County District Court that states I must throw anyone out of my house who is not myself or my nonexistent spouse. I was assured that if I pay Barry Wallace my release from jail would probably be soon there after. My home was repossessed on 12/18/11 wile I was in jail. I was very Ill when the bailist cuffed me and took me to the holding cell from the hrearing in the Upshur County District Court. I told the jailer that I had Pure red cell aplasia and I require constant medical attention. He put it in the computer during my booking assesment. I continued to ask to see the jail nurse daily and was always told to fill out a formal request form in which I complied and also told them on my request that I had an apointment with my hematologist at the blood and cancer clinic of east Texas that I must make. Over a month passed I got no reply's from any of my request. On or about the date of my apointmeht I finaly got a reply. They said my apointment has been rescheduled but they can not tell me when. On 1/4/12 a jailer came to my sell and said Monasco you’re coming with me. He put me in cuffs and leg chains and drove me to Tyler for my apointment. My Doctor told me that the jail was supose to do a CBC but they did the rong tests on the bright side your sodium and potassium look great. I think they did the right test at the jail because they told me they were taking a draw for a CBC and it came back bad and they burned it did another lab on the blood they had left. I think someone told them to just let me die and ignore all my request for medical help and when they got the test results back they burned them and ran a test for electrolytes. But anyway the Doctors office drew blood and ran a CBC and found my hemoglobin was 5.9 when it should be 14.0. That means I was 8 pints low on blood and only had 6 pints in my body. They told the jailer that I must go to the hospital immediately. He said OK fine I will take him to the Gilmer Hospital because it’s right next to CorUpshur County jail. They said you do not understand your prisoner is almost dead and we don’t want him going anywhere but ETMC Tyler across the street and he said OK I will call the jail and see if they will allow it. A half hour or so later he took me to ETMC and they stuck an IV in me and said the blood should be here soon we already ordered it. At this point my Doctor drilled a hole in my hip bone with one of those old fashion camshaft shaped hand drills and drew another bone marrow sample and had it tested it showed I had ringed cyberblast which are nucleated red blood cells surrounded by iron deposits which means If I have many more transfusions I will die of heavy metal poison due to iron overload. Anyway they said my condition has progressed to a new diagnosis of which I can’t spell or pronounce it’s something like ()&_)(T^$#&%^$&*^&((*) )(&*^(%& otherwise known as preleukemia. Let us proceed after being back in jail for a few weeks the jailer came to my cell and said MONASCO YOU ARE GOING WITH ME and he took me to see the nurse. She told me to lift my shirt and she would give me a shot. And I said shot of what? And she said procrit sposta make you produce red cells your doctor ordered it you are sposta have one a week cost dang neer $1,000 a shot. I said OK DOKA. About a week later I began feeling horrible again and trying to see the nurse. They wouldn't let me see her so when they let out of my cell for pill call I started cussing all the guards and said I would kill them all if they don’t help with my medical problems and prevent me from dying. They promptly hog tied me with cuffs and shackles and took me to the ER at ETMC Gilmer. They said your bloods like koolaid and sent me to ETMC Tyler as documented in this mailing I arrived at 2:25 central time 2/6/12. My hemoglobin was I don’t know but if you can read the Doctors writing let me know. AnyWho they gave 3 pints of packed red cells to bring close to 9.0 just as they have been doing for the past 5 or 6 years. The jail sent someone to the hospital with my belongings in a black trash bag and threw it on the floor asked to sign a paper and said you got kicked out of jail and left me in Tyler penniless and homeless to find my own way home as a useless bum. On or about 29 days after you mailed me a letter stating that I have 30 days to send you medical receipts and answer your questions about bank accounts and transportation and such I realized I only had one day comply. I took advantage of my son coming home for lunch to use his cell phone to call you and leave a message asking for more time. I began saving all my medical receipts for the month of April. During this time my storage building was delivered and my son our friend and I decided it would be easier to wire insulate and finish the inside walls of storage building and move my bedroom set in there than to move the big pile of stuff from the backroom to the building and back to the back room when we get our own place so we can move the building there. So we got to work and had the building almost finished when I nearly cut my hand off in a very unskillful accident with a skill saw as documented herein I called 911 and was taken by ambulance to ETMC Tyler and arrived at 18:15 central military time. After examination and several xrays of my hand they said they don’t have the type of surgeon I need and shipped me ambulance to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. After examination multiple xrays checking for movement and feelings opening my wound so wide that my thumb was touching the back side of my hand and letting all the students come in and take a look uuuh and awwh they finally gave me a pain shot in my IV and shot me with about umteenmilion shots of Novocain all around and deep into my wound. Schweeeuh I felt better. I was expecting pain medicine when I arrived in Tyler. I don’t know if I should tell you this but I saw something in my wound while they were showing it off to the students that was maroon in color and I told the Doctor there’s a big blood clot in there. The Doctor said I’m sorry sir that is bone marrow. I said don't be sorry I’m happy my bone marrow used to be clear like water. I must be getting better. Anyway they cleaned my wound and sowed it up and told I will surgery and they will have to cut me open all the way to the bone from my hand almost to my elbow to find the tendon that lifts my thumb and replace it with one from a cadaver. They said tendons are like stretched rubber bands when you cut them they go way up the arm. So they said they were about to release me. I told them that I understand ambulances don’t do round trips but I have no way to get home. So they sent in a social worker. She asked if I had anyone to call. I said everyone I know is asleep at his time of the hour and either about to get up and go to work or get up and eat breakfast in nursing home. She said they may be able to get a van to take you I’ll be back. After about two hours she came and said is Gilmer really that far away. I said it is only about 2 to 2 and½ hours. She said they said they can’t go that far are you sure there is no one you can call? I said all I have is my son and his truck's broke. She said let me see what I can do and I’ll be back. After about 2 hours she came back and said I got you a dart pass for the dart train and made you an itinerary on what dart bus to take to the dart train the dart bus is free by the way anyhow it also tells you what dart train to take to get to Union station to get on Amtrak to Longview. Can you get a ride to Gilmer from Longview? I said sure everyone I no will be off work by then or sitting down to dinner in a nursing home. Then she said there is only one problem the Amtrak fair is $22 can you handle that? I said sure can I got about $150 and my social security check will be in my mail box on the fourth. So they released me and I went to the checkout counter and gave them my insurance card and like every hospital or Doctor I gave it to she SAID THIS IS ONLY FOR PRESCRIPTIONS!!!!!!!!! As you can probably already tell I am not in a good mood at this time so I tell her that if she turns the card over she will find that it covers hospitals doctors pharmacies nursing homes in home care along with many other things. She says OK I’ll PUT IT IN THAT but when it comes back it’s on you. What’s up with people today I almost cut my hand off and I am still capable of being nice to others and treating them with respect. I leave and dart bus to dart train dart train to Amtrak and pay for my ticket already reserved by the hospital and ask when the train departs? She said 3:40. I asked when it arrives in Longview? She said about 7:00. So now I’m thinking________The hospital gave me a prescription for pain and I won’t make it until 7:00 without pain medicine. I get directions to CV whatever pharmacy and dart train and walk there. Get my pills and take one and walk and dart train to Amtrak. When I try to board the Amtrak cop says you can’t ride this train with those bloody close. I explain these are the only close I have I was brought here by ambulance from Gilmer Texas what can I do I must get home. He gets smart with me and tells me to call Dallas Police and get them to bring me a change of close. So not wanting to get in a confrontation with him I head back inside the station to talk to someone. After waiting in line for a while I reach the counter and I see a lady out of the corner of my eye moving between a fast walk and a run. She slams something down on the counter and heads for the door at the same speed. I look on the counter and it’s a pare of jeans and a tee shirt. I promptly asked are these for me? She replies yes. I asked where did you get them? She replied out of my bag they’re my husbands they may be to big as she continued to the door. I said thank you as she left out the door. I went to the men’s room and changed realizing that I am lucky they are to big. I can button the pants and I had to get the nurse to button mine. I board the train enjoy the ride and have a $6 cheeseburger first thing I've eaten in days. It was great. First time I traveled by rail. I arrive in Longview go to the payphone to call my son and realize I have no change. So I go inside to get change reach in my back pocket and it’s empty. I then realize I ate a $126 cheeseburger. I got robbed. The conductor lets me use his phone. I call my son. He gets me. At this point things get boring I do what I can to finish the storage building into a bedroom with one hand. I did quite well actually. The weekend goes by and Monday the last day of the month I go to my Doctors appointment and the drug store. I say to myself I’m ready to get all these receipts in the male to IRS. The next day I check the mail and find out I have one day to convince you that I had unusual circumstances that cause me to be late getting you what you asked for. I hope this is unusual enough. I would do better if I only had two hands.


About 7 or 8 years ago I purchase a lake front home in Twin Lakes community which is a private club with two small lakes on the property. This organization is also known as Gilmer Boating & Fishing Club inc. GBFC. To live within this community one must purchase one share of stock in the corporation and be voted in as a member by the board of directors. While meeting with the board I raised my concern about one of the club bylaws requiring that only the member and spouse of said member may reside on club property. I voiced to the board that I had no spouse since I had divorced and had no intentions to remarry but I had a brother who has sustained a chronic back injury and was receiving disability benefits from the veterans association which is not enough to sustain his own household and I had already told him that he was more than welcome stay with me wherever I buy and I also have three grown children who are financially independent at this time but if any of them at any time need a place to live in the future I will not refuse to allow them to live with me. I then was assured by the Club President who said that portion of the bylaws has never been intended to be use for that purpose and it was only to prevent a club member from moving away and allowing non club members to occupy the members house. After satisfying my fear of having any problem with said bylaw the board members voted me in and I purchased the home and one share of stock in GBFC inc. from the club secretary who had inherited it after the unfortunate passing of his parents. The fourth of July was right around the corner so I invited all of my family to a cook out an fire works display as a house warming party. Apparently there several members who had problems with this because I received an unpostmark letter in thed mail inviting me to an emergency special meeting saying there have been several complaints made about me and they need to get this squared away before something it is to late and something bad happens. The letter read something you may not be in violation off any bylaws but you are in violation of common since. I went to the meeting armed with a tape recorder because was in fear them ganging up on me and voting out of the which would mean I would lose the house that only a week ago I made a sizable down payment on. While attending the emergency meeting In was informed that I was still shooting fireworks after 10 O.clock come on we only celebrate our independence once a year I was also eold that there are too many cars at my house and I catch to many fish what are you suppose to do when you join a fishing club they said they don’t want anyone to give free fish away to people living in city. I told them that I clean then and eat them and sometimes invite friends and family to a fish fry and that’s why you sometimes see so many cars at my house. They then complained that I run my boat motor on the lake and I thought what are supose to do when you join a boating club. They then told me that on July fifth that they found the trash can at the members community park overflowing with beer bottles and I thought got you this time because my brother told that on July fifth they inspected the park and Mr. Palmer climbed into the trash can head first and only his ankles and feet were left exposed and he came out with only three Coors light bottles and I noticed two young men watching our fireworks from the park that night and my son said he new them and there grandpa is a member so I told the board this and they wanted me to rat them out. I refused and said they deserve recommendation for using the trash can and they said but we don’t have trash service and I said then you should not have trash cans. Realizing now there just a bunch of senile old people on a witch hunt with nothing better to do than sit on the in their rocking chairs and gossip on the phone about me I decided to shut up and them all get it off their chest. Finally the meeting came to an end and the club President said lets just start over and try to grt along and said that’s a good idea and the meeting was adjourned. After that I tried to fit in but I don’t even own a rocker and I hate gossip so I went back to fishing running my boat motor and having cookouts and they have all hated ever since. About one year after obtaining my home I left my job at Merritt Tool company of Kilgore Texas to pursue a carrier as an independent Contract Engineer. My first contract was with a well establish Company specializing in proving large complex structural parts and high quality detailed assemblies to multiple defense companies throughout the united sates. The company had recently been awarded a large schedule driven contract to provide large precision light weight thin wall monolithic bulkheads to Lockheed any many overseas companies who are participating in a partnership between the United State and several of our allies in an effort to produced a more advanced yet less expensive multi-roll fighter aircraft capable of both vertical take off and landing this plane will be by the Air force on runways by the Navy from carriers and by the marines on ground where runways are unavailable known now as the F35 Joint Strike Fighter. I stayed at a cheap weekly rate motel room in Arlington Texas that had a small kitchenette. To meet the tight schedule of the company’s contract Lockheed required that I work very long ours seven days week and was only able to return home for a short weekend about every three to four months or so. Shortly after accepting this contract position several members GBFC inc. brought suite against me under a false name called Gilmer Boating and Fishing club an unincorporated nonprofit organization that does not even exist for incompliance to the very bylaw that I was promised I need not comply to. I hired an attorney to represent me in this matter and promptly informed him that my stock ownership is in GBFC inc. and I had never heard of any such origination as the one who filed suite nor had I ever conducted any business dealings with them. He then looked up Gilmer Boating and Fishing Club incorporated’s record with the state and told me they are in bad standing with state of Texas and therefore they have no standing to bring suite against me and even if they filed against me as GBFC inc. they are in bad standing in the state of Texas and therefore have no standing in the state of Texas and have no right to conduct business or bring suite within the state of Texas and the state of Texas has no jurisdiction to hear such suite. He then informed the Court of this information and asked for a pretrial hearing to settle this matter and have the case closed. Judge Lauren Parish being fiends with the persons filing sad suite did not grant a pretrial hearing and decided to allow the suite to proceed anyway. At this point I became very anemic started miss a lot of work and required multiple blood transfusions. Without health insurance I was required to pay cash on the barrelhead to obtain any medical help and the help I got was very poor yet extremely expensive. The cost of Medical care and the inability work caused me to lose my car to reposition and my son tried help me save my home from foreclosure but in the process his own home was foreclosed. I ended up paying two Attorneys extremely high fees and lost the case. I then hired an Attourney specializing in appeals court and lost again. I was later about two weeks later served notice that I had 30 day to comply with Judge Laure Parish mandate that I and only I can reside in my home.and I must kip my brother and my son out of my house. My brother had already left to live with my sister about one month before this but sob still lived with me. So my son and I began looking for house to rent. And I paid for consultation with another attorney because I was not sure if I had 30 days from the appeals court decision or thirty days from the time I was served. The lawyer told I had 30 date from time I served about two weeks difference from the appeals court final decision. Meawile a friend of the family was in the beginning of a divorce and needed a place tostay for afew weeks while they worked out there seoeration and she moved into her new residence so he could move back into his house. He had no money because he was still paying all the bills at home but found it hard for both of them to continue to live there. So we told him he can stay in the back room for now and he moved an old mattress we had into the back room and said thanks. Before he moved in the long term guest I ever stay in my house were relatives in dire need. My niece her husband two young boys stayed with me twice both times only for a short period of until they good get there lights turned back on. My nieces husband is a roofer and earns ten dollars per hour when he has work. Since the rescission people have been putting on new roofs even if there hole house is full of washtubs pans and buckets to catch the water when it rains. Continuing on the friend who was living with us while he and his wife separated said we can move in with him after his wife moves out but the two back rooms where we would stay were full of tools and miscellanies equipment that he used in his work as the cable guy and we said thanks. So I found a place on highway 300 that leases storage buildings. Knowing that he wants to keep his things handy so he can grab them when he needs I leased a building to be moved onto his property rather than putting it all in a storage locker. They gave me a delivery date that would leave us with one week to get out according the Lawyer I hired for advice. Remember there is a two week difference between being served and the appeals court decision. OK moving on about a week before the building is scheduled to be delivered I am served again this time the paperwork say‘s I am scheduled for a hearing in three days and they intend to seize all my personal property sell it and apply the money toward payment to GBFC‘s Attorney cost 8,300 and some odd dollars which is dirt cheap when compared 30 some od thousand dollars that I patd in Attorney cost let alone time of from work and being on my way to death and have me thrown in jail for allowing my son to stay 8 days past the deadline which I learned in there opinion came 30 days after the decision on the Texarkana Court of Appeals so my son and our friend moved out immediately and put all the storage into the backroom that was planned to be my bedroom.

This where we begin with my explanation of unusual circumstances that caused me to be late replying to IRS which can be found prior to the history that lead me to this point.

Sorry to make long story so short but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and my health improves when I am living with low stress so I am trying to stay away from drama but when it keeps getting in face all I know to do is beat the hell out of it and make it go away out of fear. And I dislike cults.

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