Murder Should Be Shocking
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Murder doesnt shock me anymore. I am not proud of that. I have had many run ins with murder. My cousin murdered his own father. I witnessed a murder in college. My tenant murdered someone. In highschool my classmate shot our teacher and killed the teachers husband.


When I see news stories of murder, the shock factor for me is gone. I am still very sadden each time but not shocked. In September, a 14-year-old allegedly gave birth in her bathroom and tried to pry out the baby with scissors and then strangled the baby. She has now been charged as an adult for first degree murder. I am very sadden that another human being could kill their own child, a child could kill their parents, and that human beings can take innocent lives of children. All of these murders leave me confused and struggling to find answers. I have none.


I have no answers as to why my cousin would pull a gun on his own father and kill him at point blank range. My uncle had taken his son to the hospital because he was worried about his health. While in the waiting room, my cousin pulled out a gun and killed his dad for taken him to the hospital.


When I was a teenager I was leaving a party and I saw a boy with a gun. I got so nervous I put my car in drive instead of reverse. The boy with his gun motioned for me to put the car in reverse. I never took my eyes off of him. Before I could pull out he started shooting, leaving one girl dead. Why he tried to help me and then killed another moments later, I will never understand. I testified and spent a lot of time in the courthouse for a couple of years.


There was an awkward, smart young man that I sat next to in math class in high school. Everyone would always make fun of him. I remember saying on several occasions, Yall better leave him alone. I was always pleasant to him but steered clear of him because I knew something with him wasnt normal. I wasnt shocked when news broke he had gone to the teachers house and killed her husband and shot her also.


My tenant was reportedly in a love triangle with her boyfriend and another women. They killed the other women and then burned her body. I wasnt shocked when the sheriff came to ask us about the situation.


My heart is very heavy over the lives lost in Connecticut. I think many people are looking and needing answers. I would like to live in a world where these kinds of things do not happen. At the very least, I would like to live in a world where murders are shocking again.


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