More than 80 Towns See $5/gal Gas, But More Than 100 Pay Less than $3.25/gal
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More than 80 Towns See $5/gal Gas, But More Than 100 Pay Less than $3.25/gal

GasBuddy ranking of nearly 6,000 towns finds extremes across North America


8/8/2013- If you think you will never see gasoline below $3 gal, or above $5 gal, guess again. A ranking released today shows instances of both extremes across the US and Canada.


One need not go further than southern Virginia, near the rural town of Danville, to find plenty of sites below $3 gal. The town, not far from the North Carolina border, actually has the least expensive gasoline on the continent with an average price of $3.09 gal. That beats the South Carolina municipality of Honea Path by about 1.3cts gal.


GasBuddy ranked over 5,500 towns and converted Canadian costs (typically measured in Canadian dollars per liter) into US dollars per gallon.  Canadian oil sands production is booming but Canadian motorists are paying substantially more than their American neighbors. In fact, the 142 most expensive towns lie in Canada even though there are only 294 municipalities in the ten provinces and three territories that are part of the survey.


Delta, British Columbia is the most expensive town in either of the two North American countries with an average price of $5.30 per gallon (converted to U.S dollars) followed by Surrey, BC, Pitt Meadows, BC, North Vancouver, BC and Maple Ridge BC.  Every single town in the Top 10 most expensive ranking was located in British Columbia. The most expensive town outside of that province came in Sherbrooke, Quebec where motorists paid the equivalent of $5.18 gal.


With an average of $5.14 per gallon, Hearst, Ontario was the 29th most expensive town and the most expensive principality not located in either British Columbia or Quebec. 


The cheapest town to buy gas in Canada is Spruce Grove, Alberta.  Its 15 stations saw an average price of $4.04 gal (US.) Still, Spruce Grove ranked in as the 404th most expensive town between the two countries. 


The most expensive town in the United States was in the harsh climate of the California desert. Needles, California took the top US spot with an average price of $4.79 gal. All of the other costly municipalities that cracked the US top ten highest were found in the Hawaiian Islands.  Lihue ranked in at 236th place with an average of $4.62 followed by Kailua Kona at the 250th spot with an average of $4.57/gal and then Wailuku, Kihei, Kahului and Lahaina which ranked 265th with an average of $4.51/gal.


The tiny New York suburb of Mount Kisco, NY ranked highest among US towns not in Hawaii or California.  This Westchester County town averaged $4.34 gal putting it in the 278th spot.  Other states with towns in the top 300 include Alaska and Connecticut. 


The cheapest towns were generally in South Carolina and Virginia, although a few localities in Missouri and Tennessee were near the lower priced extremes.


One conclusion can be rendered from the ranking; namely, diversity in prices in North American cities and towns has never been more widespread. GasBuddy data suggests that it is entirely common for stations in the same town to see price differences of 15-20cts gal or more.


For the complete rankings of the 5,700 towns e-mail Tom Kloza at or call 732.730.2558.


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