Make a Small Sacrifice
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I got rid of my smart cell phone about six months ago. I really thought it was going to be hard to do but thus far I haven’t noticed much of a difference. I still have a cell phone but it is very basic model. It does not have games or even a camera. I love it.


I also love how much lower my cell phone bill is now. I am saving over $50 a month. Whenever I find a way to cut costs, I take half of the money I am saving and put it my savings account.


Before you start looking for cheaper alternatives, getting rid of your smartphone may not be for you. My husband still has his smartphone which also has gps. I don’t travel much and don’t have a big need for a gps system. However when I do, I can always switch cell phones with my husband.


The main thing I had to get use to was not have a camera on my phone. I now use my ipod touch to take pictures. Most of the time I forget to bring my ipod so I don’t take as many pictures as I used to. For me that trade off is completely worth it.


One of my friends decided to cut her cable bill. She now has just the basic package. Her theory was that there was no way her family could utilize the 200 plus channels she was paying for. She now only has around 20 channels and is perfectly happy. Surprisingly, so are her children.


I am constantly looking for ways to cut costs. Now that I have a child I can’t wait to start going to restaurants where kids eat free. If we are going to eat out, it might as well be at a place that offers a good savings.


Whether it is cutting back on your cell phone bill, cable, or entertainment costs; there are ways to save money. You just have to look for them and sometimes make a small sacrifice.


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