Look close; There are Signs
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I love creepy, scary movies. One of my favorites is the movie, “Signs.” I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I will just leave it at, you must watch the whole movie to appreciate it. I believe in signs being all around us.


Five years ago on a road trip, we stopped at a gas station and purchased a lottery ticket. My mom loves scratching them. So we got back on the highway and my mom said I think I won $1,000. She was so excited. I decided to pull off at the next exit so I could look at the lotto ticket. My mother was indeed correct. 


When I pulled over, I didn’t get out the car. I just stopped at a gas station and looked at the ticket. I immediately got back on the freeway. Three minutes later traffic came to a halt. There was a horrible accident involving multiple cars. Had I not pulled over to look at the lottery ticket, I am convinced I would have been in the accident. I call that a sign.


We can also get signs from ourselves. We all have that inner voice trying to guide you. You should listen to that voice. A few years ago, I noticed my mom was getting winded very quickly. I knew something was wrong. I took her to the doctor’s offices and she sent her home saying she has a little pneumonia. I protested in the office but gave in to the doctor’s diagnoses. Something inside of me told me the doctor was incorrect. That night my mom quit breathing and was diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs. I should have listened to my inner voice.


It is hard for me to think about that night. I felt so guilty for not listening to my inner voice. I knew the doctor was off. I need to mention this was not her regular doctor and she had never seen this doctor before. I am glad that mom recovered from the situation because I don’t know how I would live with the guilt of not listening to my inner voice.


Now when I get delayed in traffic or my plans do not go as planned, I take it as a sign. Each time my inner voice tries to tell me something, I listen. I am sure there a lot of great stories involving signs that we all have. Share them please. Feel free to email me your sign stories. I love learning from other people’s lessons also.


Sometimes seeing signs around you is hard; keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. Also if you haven’t seen the movie, check it out. You could learn a lot about the signs around us.



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