Living the Dream by Barrie Mahoney ISBN: 978-1-4610-2909-0
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Living the Dream by Barrie Mahoney ISBN: 978-1-4610-2909-0


the Dream paints a picture of living abroad based on Barrie’s

experiences of living on an island in the Atlantic in a series of

articles that are hilarious, frustrating, unbelievable and heart

warming. If you want to live your dream and escape to another country,

another climate and another lifestyle, this book will encourage and

support, as well as entertain and amuse. Do you dream of a better life,

more money, less pressure at work, sunshine, beaches and blue skies? How

can you achieve your dream? Take a journey with this book to find out

how Barrie fitted together the pieces of the jigsaw, discovered the

threads of friendship from people that he met, and overcame the threats

of living in a foreign country. Learn how Barrie made footsteps in a new

country that left permanent footprints, and started to write letters

from the Atlantic. 


how do people live their dream? What did they have to do? Were they

just lucky? Can only some people live their dream? Living the Dream

supports and encourages readers to start a new journey with less bumps

in the road and plenty of surprises, and is available from Amazon,

Barnes and Noble and local bookstores, as well as an e-book on Kindle,

iPad and Nook. 

If you want to know more about Barrie, please check out his websites on  and  or contact him on  or call him on 0560 366 8402 (UK number).

Barrie Mahoney, Apartado de Correos, 125, Las Palmas Suc 1, 35230 Aeropuerto, Gran Canaria, Spain

Living the Dream

Planning to escape to another country, another climate, another lifestyle?

ISBN:  978-1-4610-2909-0

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