Lindsey Graham epitomizes the "insider" class in Washington, D.C.
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Lindsey Graham epitomizes the "insider" class in Washington, D.C.

An elected politician since 1992, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is closer to the ruling elite than the people of South Carolina, his words...

by Mark Vogl


Monday, August 12, 2013
Senator Lindsey Graham has a southern accent, but that's about all there is in common between him and the people of South Carolina!
Graham has been an elected politician since November, 1992. He served first in the South Carolina State House, before moving to Congress in 1996, and then on to the United States Senate in 2003. The South Carolina conservative Strom Thurmond held the seat before Graham, demonstrating a marked move to the left by the Palmetto State. Graham has been a McCain ally and Republican defender of the Obama administration on a number of issues.
His most recent support for amnesty and a 1200 page bill to do it, demonstrates his "insider mentality," despite the reservation of most Americans, and most South Carolinians to the bill Graham is a co-sponsor of.
But Graham does have six million in the war chest, and the power incumbency, and benefits of seniority in the Senate. Anticipating the Mace challenge, it could be that the state Republican party is behind one or both of the male candidates challenging Graham...using the ever widely known "divide and conquer" strategy to split up Graham opponents..
Nancy Mace, announced candidate for the Republican nomination for the Senate, says Graham's support for amnesty demonstrates just how far he has moved from the people of the South Carolina! While some political guru's, especially in Washington, might see the Mace challenge as an incidental speed bump to Graham's assured re-election effort, this could be the surprise upset looming on the horizon.
But Nancy is a lot more than she first appears. A recent article in Virial Read,com sited her connections with Senator Rand Paul, a front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016. Mace seems to embrace a lot of Pat Buchanan's policies, albeit through Paul. So Nancy could appeal to the older more conservative set within South Carolina. (One has to wonder, was the Christie (Yankee) attack on Rand a shot across the bow for South Carolinians flirting with Mace's candidacy!) Will the guns in Charleston roar once again?
There is fertile ground in South Carolina for removal of Graham. South Carolina is a conservative state, and Obama's drenching of America in liberal ideology, liberal debt, and attacks on the Church and America's history and heritage could very easily ignite an undercurrent of resentment throughout America in this off year election. Governor Nikki Halley, a rising star in the Republican Party will be out on the trail. A back channel rumor has it that the Governor has some fence mending to do with conservatives she has disappointed. This could play out some in Graham primary, maybe.
And Governor Halley could easily excite women to make their next move towards taking their place in the state hierarchy with Nancy Mace in the Senate. And, there is always the current trump card in American conservative politics, Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers who have unhorsed more than one Washington favorite.
And then there is another card, one not many outsiders or Yankees would recognize. Nancy Mace is a graduate of THE CITADEL, the Military College of South Carolina. She is the first female graduate of this purely Southern institution! The alumni of THE CITADEL are known to be a close bunch, the Spartan experience they share is a bond second only to war. If THE CITADEL DOGS alumni look to regain their entrée to the United States Senate, which they had with former Senator Fritz Hollings, well a quiet but strong and statewide effort could quickly swell Mace’s treasury.
And THE CITADEL has twice been ranked the number one public college in the entire South by Newsweek, in 2012 and 2013. Not bad as a starter on Mace's resume.
Mace is young, and works in the public relations field. Social media and the internet are gaining ground in the election communications war that surrounds elections. It's cheaper and faster than the print media, and more easily shaped then the mass media. If Mace can master this new communications juggernaut and touch the frustration felt by so many in South Carolina, primary night might be a real surprise!
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Robbins Mitchell
August 13, 2013
Yea,Senator Linda is an "insider" alright....still in the closet