Learning about the Health Care Act has proved difficult
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I think of myself as a smart educated person. I read the newspaper every week, watch the news everyday, and I look at headlines on the Internet almost everyday. However, I know very little about the Affordable Care Act. I think I avoid learning about it because I hate propaganda and political wars.


Before this week I knew three things about the law; pre-existing conditions rules had changed, if you dont have health insurance you could be penalized, and may new well-woman visits were now required to be covered. However to be honest, I dont know for 100 percent sure if these were true facts or not.


I really didnt feel like listening to news anchors and their guests debating whether or not if the law was good. I do know it is law now and I need to learn more about the law.  This revelation came through a series of recent events.


My mothers health care plan recently changed. While on a family trip we had to make a trip to the hospital and I didnt have all her correct insurance information. It was very stressful.


I also had a run in with my insurance company. I had to get a pre-authorization on a medication and I have been on the phone numerous times trying to figure out how to get the matter resolved. I finally got it resolved but I spent over three hours on the phone doing so. It was very stressful.


I dont even know when all the new health care laws go in effect. I decided I would read over the law before I wrote this. When I saw it was 955 pages, I decided I might have to find another avenue to become educated about the new law.


On the health care official web site there is a key features section. Even the key features would take me a couple of weeks to learn.


So I am back to the beginning of not knowing much about it. Which is not acceptable. I am responsible for my mothers, my sons, and my own health care. I need to be educated about it.


I am sure there are going to be education initiatives about the health care laws coming soon. However, as this new act affects me greatly, I need to start learning facts now.


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June 11, 2013
all it is a government run SHAM,,, tax people who can not afford insurance... unless your a wetback, a spread you leg woman that has a kid every time you turn around, cut the benefits of the elderly..

REPEAL THE BILL NOW! before it is too late,,,,

WELCOME TO THE SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA, BROUGHT TO BY obama and your gang of 8, and your local senator, and representative... as well as your state, and local governments...