Kesha Rogers responds to criticism of her candidacy
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Kesha Rogers, a candidate in the Democratic Party’s May 27 runoff for United States Senator, responded in a telephone interview Wednesday to criticism leveled at her by Upshur County Democratic Chairman Dan Miles Jr. two days earlier.

As detailed in a front page article in today’s Mirror, Miles told a meeting of local Democrats Monday night that the party is not supporting Ms. Rogers against runoff opponent Dr. David Alameel because she is neither recognized or accepted as a Democrat. He also charged that Ms. Rogers, who supports impeaching President Obama, has turned on the party, and he said voters never know her stance because “she’s always smiling and laughing when she’s talking.”

Ian Overton, a representative of Ms. Rogers’s campaign, contacted The Mirror Tuesday after learning the story was posted on the newspaper’s website that day. He scheduled the telephone interview for the following day

Ms. Rogers, who said her campaign team was in Gilmer on Tuesday and that it reported a “very explosive response” of support for her, replied Wednesday that “I am always smiling or laughing.” But, she added, “I’m very serious in my position. . .I’m optimistic about the direction that we can be going in. I am a very happy person, in response to Mr. Miles, and I think the Democratic Party could be more optimistic if they would stop trying to shut me out and start taking up what I am putting forth as the solution.”

The 37-year-old Houstonian’s campaign website, referring to former Republican Vice President Richard Cheney, urges “repudiating the Cheney-Obama dictatorship.” She told The Mirror the GOP and Democrats are both “going in the wrong direction.”

In the interview, she also asserted that “The Democratic Party has lost its way; it’s turned its back on the true base of the Democratic Party. I represent the tradition of restoring the legacy, the commitment of President John F. Kennedy and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“My mission is to restore the producers’ alliance in the Democratic Party. That means commitment to our farmers, labor, agriculture, our industry, and our scientific development,” Ms. Rogers said.

“That’s what the Democratic Party stood for,” she added. “Now the Democratic Party is being controlled by big banker Wall Street interests whose concern is for being bailed out, and for their money interests to be protected over the livelihood of the population, and that’s who President Obama is protecting. . .That’s why I’m calling for his impeachment...and because of his numerous violations of the Constitution.”

Ms. Rogers added that “My platform is very simple and consists of restoring the Glass-Stegall banking law (which restricts what banks can do); number two, to fully fund our space program. . .number three would be to build great infrastructure development projects, in particular to address the drought and water crisis devastating Texas. And the program I’m calling for is. . .building projects such as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA).”

When campaigning in Gilmer before the March 4 Democratic primary, Dr. Alameel proposed raising the minimum wage to $15 hourly. Asked her stance on that, his opponent responded, “I don’t have a set number on what we should raise the minimum wage to. . .First of all, we have to create productive work and employment. . .(as) we have a record unemployment rate.”

“I am challenging Dr. Alameel to a debate to discuss these issues. . .He doesn’t want to debate,” Ms. Rogers said. She said she will continue the challenge.

Dr. Alameel led the 5-candidate field in the March 4 primary with 47.1 percent of the statewide vote, while Ms. Rogers was second with 21.7 percent. He led her by nearly 257,000 votes, carrying Upshur County with 114 votes to her 62, although she carried some counties.

Ms. Rogers said she has run unsuccessfully twice for Congress, having won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 and 2012 only to lose both times to the Republican nominee. She said she also ran for Democratic Party state chairman in 2006.
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April 09, 2014
Boy Mikey, You sure hit the nail on the head with this one!
MikeyT USN
April 08, 2014
You know that something is terribly wrong when your own party starts telling the truth, instead of hiding behind the curtain.

MikeyT USN